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all-good and all- powerful God would not want people to suffer, thus no need to test the person because that could lead to hell(suffering) which God would not want. Innocent people also would suffer from the wrong doings of others. Why would God want the innocent good people to suffer because others chose evil? This also shows that the test of evil is a bad solution because even the people that chose to be good can suffer along the way. The problem of evil holds to be a good argument. The solutions did not prove that God was all-good or all-powerful, with evil existing as it does such a God could not exist. I feel that there is a God, but he does not have total control. He is more off a overseer of what happens here on earth. Someone that does not have the power to make

everything good, yet he keeps us in line when things get out of hand. I think it’s all a matter of faith and what you truly believe in.