The Prison Of Puberty Essay Research Paper

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The Prison Of Puberty Essay, Research Paper The Prison Of Puberty We the teenagers, of the people, of this world submit this list of injustices and wrong doings that mother nature has laidupon us. She has put us in a horrible prison, the prison of puberty, where our sentence is all of adolescence and our punishment is to endure the hardship which causes many of the institutionalized personal to crack under the pressure. We protest against acne, a cruel and horrifying thing that occurs to some selected teenagers. This punishment is cruel and undeserving. At times an individual with this dilemma may experience young children questioning chickenpox are on the ill-fated person. Also the individual has quite a hard time finding a companion to flirt with without utterly humiliating

themselves. As the opposite sex does not find it desirable to be chatting to a person who has hideous spots on his/her face and this will cause an excuse to be made up with the most famous ?excuse me I have to go and wash my hair? One who has this problem may go through many circumstances that make the individual lose their dignity, self esteem, and pride, but the male prisoners tend to not have these in the first place and will move on to the next subject with no apparent concern Other unjust routines of the Puberty Prison are the unscheduled growth spurts. These are put on the prisoners randomly and causes the prisoner to feel akward and gangly. This brisk development directs one on a path of buying new pants or in the case of the uneducated cell mate wearing the same pants

with your ankles showing. On some occasions this individual might feel taller than peers, but soon the persons colleagues have reached the same peak, and a sense of contentment is contained within the subject. In the male subjects the warden places a horrible, undeserved, and unjustified punishment. Where the inmate has uncontrollable leaps into sounds which only the prison dogs can hear. The voice break has caused many inmates grief and has resulted in many of them taking a vow of silence in fear that they will crack glass. Another undesirable punishment is the gaining of hair in every place of the body for most of the males and heaven forbid even some of the female subjects who have been deprived the right of a shaver. This gain of hair can become uncomfortable and disgusting

and is an annoyance to many of the subjects. The horrible warden Mother earth also may bring on appetites that are unmanageably colossal. These cravings lead to piggish behaviors, unsuited for those of the human race. The intake of these individuals surpasses that of many small nations. This is a problem for the prison guards or parents as they can never keep up with this continuous feast, and when other inmates visit each others cell all hell breaks loose until the guard goes shopping and the riot ceases which calls for another feast. Another obstacle placed before those of the prison is the immense job of controlling hormones. The reactions of people because of this episode may turn into a social disaster. A first love, the initial kiss, and the inaugural date may reveal the

most embarrassing and detrimental things about one. Also the prisoner will holler at the opposite sex in the odd chance that they will respond to the call, this seldom works leaving the inmate in a state of confusion as to why his charm has failed. There is also a radical change in one’s behavior, the shouting becomes explosive and the argument is so much to bare. This results in horrendous tantrums thrown at the prison guards who in return deny the prisoner from having their daily exercising routine (going to the local party) and taking away television rights. There are a select few in the cell block who are there voluntarily, they are the ones with no spots, a good car, rich parents, and a mound of friends. These subjects have not been convicted and are not sentenced to be in