The Princess Of Cleves Essay Research Paper

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The Princess Of Cleves Essay, Research Paper The Princess of Cl ves The princess of Cl ves, though not a typical impure woman, proved to be strong-willed and able to deal with the passion she felt for Monsieur de Nemours. Princess of Cl ves desperately wanted to be true and faithful to Monsieur de Cl ves. Madame de Chartres, the princess of Cl ves s mother, knew her better than anyone. She feared her daughter would fall into a love affair, which would surely destroy the Princess of Cl ves. Before Princess of Cl ves s mother passed away she told her daughter You have an affection for Monsieur de Nemours; I do not ask you to confess it, as I am no longer able to make use of your sincerity in order to guide you (93). Modern women might proceed with the temptation of love with

another man in today s society. The term the other woman refers to an immoral woman acting on her emotions regardless of whether she or the man are commited to one another by marriage. In my opinion, the Princess of Cl ves fought her emotions to avoid being labeled an unfaithful woman. I believe she desperately wanted to be faithful. To her, pursuing a good, faithful life was more important than the passion she felt. Princess of Cl ves attempted to be faithful to Monsieur de Cl ves, but in her thoughts she was truly unfaithful. Princess of Cl ves was led to believe that a letter found belonged to Monsieur de Nemours. The content of the letter was an indication that Monsieur de Nemours loved another woman. The Princess of Cl ves experienced feeling jealous entertaining the notion

Monsieur de Nemours may have loved another woman. Although the opportunities for the Princess of Cl ves to act on her feelings arose, she did not fall to temptation. I confess, she said, that I may be moved by my emotions, but they cannot blind me; nothing can prevent my seeing that you are born with every gallantry, and with all the qualities proper to secure speedy success (156). She was aware of the ramification that would follow had she gone through with the affair. Again, Princess of Cl ves attempts to fight her emotions when she finds herself alone with Monsieur de Nemours and says to him; I confess this with the less shame because I may now do it innocently, and you have seen that my feelings did not guide my actions (154). Time and time again the Princess of Cl ves is

faced with the opportunity to partake in an immoral relationship. Princess of Cl ves can not be labeled as an adulterous woman; she appeared to be a strong-willed woman until the end of the novel, never giving in to her feelings. She could have given Monsieur de Nemours a chance to be a part of her life after Monsieur de Cl ves died.