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Humperdink, the man who fired him, by helping Wesley, he gives him a miracle pill to bring him back to life. He warns them to wait for full potency before giving it to him. Fezzik and Inigo go to the castle wall and revive Wesley (the evening of Humperdink?s marriage to Buttercup), but they give him the pill too early and he is left with no strength. He is still able to work out a plan to get into the castle, and they get inside to find Rugen and guards facing them. Inigo utters his famous lines: "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father; prepare to die" (speaking to Rugen). Rugen runs away and Inigo chases after him. Meanwhile Buttercup has been married to Humperdink and is depressed that Wesley has not come for her. She tells Humperdink?s father that she

will kill herself once she has reached the honeymoon suite. Luckily, Wesley has found his way there and so they are again reunited, (but he still has no strength). All the while, Rugen has thrown a knife at Inigo and he is struck in the stomach. Rugen waits to watch him die, but Inigo uses some inner strength and kills Rugen. Back in the Honeymoon suite, Humperdink comes in to find Buttercup and Wesley there. Humperdink challenges: "To the death" but Wesley counters with "To the pain" telling him how he will leave Humperdink "wallowing in freakish misery forever," Humperdink gives up and they tie him to a chair. Then Inigo, Wesley and Fezzik are all reunited and with Buttercup, they ride off on white horses into the sunset, and Buttercup and Wesley

are finally together again. The grandfather then ends the story in reply to his grandsons request to read it again tomorrow with, "as you wish,” which was found out to mean, "I love you." This movie is such a fantastic movie because it includes humor, action, suspense, romance and comedy all in less than two hours. There are two types of people in this world: those who love "The Princess Bride" and those who have yet to see it. The acting is wonderful. The roles are typecast superbly, and the content has no political statements or current affair ties. The lack of ties will set this movie comfortably for years to come among the favorite of families everywhere. (dehm, Phantome Noire.) On the website,, Ben Miller writes up a college student?s

"Must See Movie" list. The Princess Bride ranks number twenty-six on that list. Another reason I think this movie is so incredibly wonderful is because it shows that no matter what obstacles two people face in life "True Love" will always prevail. Martin, Mick, and Marsha Porter. Video Movie Guide 1999. New York: Ballantine Books, 1998. The Princess Bride. Dir. Rob Reiner. 20th Century Fox/Nelson Entertainment