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had control only over themselves. Although they have always been able to sustain themselves, they still live by the whims of nature. Modern culture assumes control of such beast-like behavior and goes about collecting and hunting, ultimately preparing for what nature might have in store. Modern culture puts life into its own hands, whereas primitive culture stays at the mercy of something higher. Rousseau s opinion here on the case of who s better off would most certainly be primitive man. Thinking about the chaos in the modern world one could also think of whether or not modern man was even needed to dominate the world, or whether man was needed at all. Perhaps the key error of philosophers including Hobbes and Descartes was that they believed that humans were superior to

everything else. Here Rousseau, although still considering primitive man to be somewhat superior regarding other animals, brings man down to the mercy of nature. One can get the impression from Rousseau that he believed that perhaps the world wasn t made for man, but man was made for the world. Modern Man conceivably was not even needed to bring about order, and as one can see probably ensued more chaos than anything else. The natural or original state of primitive man is undoubtedly a way of life from which we should educate ourselves rather than ridicule. Works Cited Ellul, Jacques. The Technological Society. Vintage Books, New York; 1964. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. The Basic Political Writings. Hackett Publishing Company, Cambridge; 1987.