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stirred by what the television was displaying. It showed, Phil, being poked by strangers wearing pure black robes and hoods. Even though Phil could not see their faces, he knew they were grinning to their selves, awaiting that final thirteenth hour. Glaring red eyes, soar throat, and aching muscles, Phil was in no mood to do anything. He had run out of ideas and was quickly running out of time. The phone rang rather loudly. Phil stared at it. Five rings, eight, fifteen, it seemed as if it would never stop. And it didn?t. Thirty rings. Phil feared that is was from his death consultants. It stopped. For a brief moment his heart did too. BANG! BANG! BANG! A rapping at his front door, a one second delay and then Phil almost had a heart attack. BANG! BANG! FWUMP! The door flew open!

Phil leapt from his seat and curled into a ball under the table. ?They?re early,? he thought. ?I still have nine hours till time is up.? Phil was right; he did still have nine hours until his unfortunate demise. In, through the door, came Hale and Bob. Hale ran over to the petrified with fear, Phil. He put a hand on Phil and Phil shuttered. ?Phil,? he whispered. ?Phil!? Hale started to become excitedly worried. Phil slowly looked up from under the table. ?H-H-Hale,? he sputtered silently. ?Yea, it?s only me,? Hale said reassuringly. With a sigh of relief Phil asked, ?what?s going on? Why did you kick-in my door?? ?Well, I was worried about you since you left yesterday. I, uh, saw a burning salamander walking on the bank of your Ferrari,? said Hale hesitantly. ?I know about the

salamander. If left its mark on my car,? said Phil knowingly. ?Also the entire movie set was torched last night,? added Bob. ?What? Wait. What?? exclaimed Phil. ?It?s true. We don?t know what happened. The whole set is ash.? ?Holy cow!? ?This is all my fault. I never should have??Phil was stopped short by a brick that had flown through his window knocking him unconscious. ?My God! This is crazy,? yelled Hale. ?Phil wake up.? ?Wake up Phil.? Phil never did wake up. Before he had time to regain consciousness his thirteen hours were up and he had failed to fulfill his mission.