The Power Strugle

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The Power Strugle “Lord Of The Flies” Essay, Research Paper The Power Struggle By Chad Chenier Mankind has a primitive desire to exist in a controlled environment, and also has a primitive desire to control his environment. In this Novel, the main characters introduced are a group of young boys torn between two leaders. One is a democratic and caring boy the other is a self-absorbed, power-hungry, dictator. As the story unfolds the choices become harder and eventually lead to a better understanding of the human condition. Since freedom is the ability to make the wrong choices and either live with the outcome or do what is necessary to correct it. A leader’s political opinion can often tell a great deal about their personality and how they will interact with those under

them. Ralph is a prime example of the democratic leader trying to pull his people together using reality as situations unfold. Ralph feels that the entire group should make a decision, which will affect the entire group. When the boys first arrive on the island they are in a state of confusion and disorder, unaware of the circumstances of their situation, nor prepared for the responsibility now surrounding their freedom. In a individual and somewhat instinctual act Ralph uses the power now available and calls the group together. When Ralph is questioned as to whom was in charge, and whether there were any grown ups he simply answered, “‘No we’re having a meeting. Come and join in.’” (21). A simple statement which shows that instead of lying or taking advantage of the

situation Ralph chose to bring everyone together and pool their information to obtain a more complete picture of what had happened and what must happen. AS much as day and night differ so does Ralph and Jack. Jack is a compulsive, self-absorbed, dictator who plans for the present and ignores the future. With little to no regard to those under him Jack does not need loyalty or compassion from any one; simply their obedience. Jack uses fear as a weapon and a way of maintaining his superiority over others. “He’s going to beat Wilfred” “For what?” “I don’t know. He didn’t say. He got angry and made us tie Wilfred up. He’s been” ? he giggled excitedly ? “he’s been tied for hours, waiting ?” “But didn’t the Chief say why?” “I never heard him.”( 176)

By setting an example with Wilfred of his power and his rage, Jack is able to declare to the others that obedience will be rewarded and disobedience will be punished. Between the two leaders, Jack and Ralph, we see the two opposite extremes. Ralph, the leader for the people and Jack, the leader of the people. When Ralph was thinking of escape and freedom Jack was thinking about having fun, something most all children preferred. The friendly aspects of a society are in some cases more important than any other aspects. If a society is in a state of morning than this will reflect other aspects of trade and arrangements, however if a society is in a state of happiness, this will have a positive effect on the workings of the society. Throughout their stay on the island the boys begin

to change and in most cases for the worst. The social frame of the island at the beginning was very uncertain with all of the boys trusting very little in each other and little more in them selves. The development soon brought a sense of trust amongst the group and a sense of security when together. As the roll of leader is filled the individuals find themselves having a voice in what happens. With Ralph as leader the group could act and function as a single unit. Ralph provided the group with a leader who was willing to do what needed to be done and get the job done and lead them into the unknown. “I’m chief. I’ll go. Don’t argue.” He turned to the others. “You. Hide here. Wait for me.” (114) A true leader is taking the first steps on the frozen water. Will it