The Power Of Wood Essay Research Paper

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The Power Of Wood Essay, Research Paper The Power of Wood One day before Ben Hogan became a famous world-renowned golfer he would practice his shots often. He would go to the putting greens and would practice his chip shots, his lob shots, and even his trick shots to impress other golfers. One lowly day early into Ben s life as a golfer he found himself on the golf course having the worse day of his life. He shot four balls in the water landed three in the sand and lost two in the woods. He shot a 90 and that was only the front nine. Every time Ben thought he had his game together it always let him down. So he practiced and practiced season came and went without end he played and played. He had made drastic changes in his game he fixed his slice in his swing and added a hip

pivot to increase his distance. He was preparing himself for the Amateur PGA tour playoffs that would take place in a couple weeks. With one week left, Ben decided that since he was playing so well that he could go out and make a little cash before his time to shine in the Amateur PGA. Well on the first tee the moment after his opponent shanks one into the woods Ben how laughed so hard that his cheeks were red and doubled over in pain gets up to swing and tops the ball. Since Ben and this other gentleman wagered a ten-dollar bet per hole Ben wasn t too happy about that shot. In fact it was one of the worst things he had ever done since that lowly day long ago were he lost more balls than years of his age. Ben went into a major slump from there it got worse everything be had done

to correct his problems wouldn t improve his game that day. In addition, the more he snickered at his opponent the worse he did. Well by the end of the game he owed the guy $180. The sad part about the whole ordeal was Ben had exactly a week to get his game together before he embarrassed himself in font of his towns men and his opponents. Ben went home that night not angry but confused. On the practice tee s he was making 290 yard drives but when it was time to perform he couldn t like he had so may times before that. He didn t know what was going on with his game. He went to the course and started hitting before the sun fully arose over the horizon. He was destined to hold on to his pride and his belief in himself. Well that day he hit exhalent at practice. He hit over 400 balls

but when it came time for Ben to play he did horrible. He couldn t figure it out. Until he saw his friend Davis Love Sr. tapping a tree. This sparked his curiosity. He wondered why he did this. After another terrible day of golf he found Davis in the clubhouse and asked him why he tapped the tree. Davis said he tapped the tree because he had to clear his bad karma. Well Ben not be a very smart guy asked what s karma? Davis said it s the thing that sends the ball off track after laughing at an opponent s misfortune. He said he knocks on wood whenever he thinks bad thoughts or even tries to predict the future in a negative way. He said by knocking on wood that all the bad karma in the air would be cleared. Well desperate for any thing to help his golf game he taps a tree and

magically the next time Ben went out and shot a course record round of 66. Ben was so excited to he did not try out for the Amateur PGA but for the real deal. Not only did he make it into the PGA but also he set another course record by sinking a 55-foot putt. From that day on Ben played with wooden clubs, and before ever stroke he tapped his shaft to clear his karma. Ben went on in his life and became a world class golfer who wrote the history books in pencil in his youth so he could come back and set it in stone before he died. Ben was a believer in the Power of Wood. Shouldn t you be one too?