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had previously fought. At the end of the novel Babbitt is almost the same man he was at the beginning of the novel, except for one major difference. Babbitt now has no hallucinations about his life. He accepts his fate as a miserable member of conformist society. Babbitt now realizes the terrible fate that Zenith sets for it’s citizens. When Babbitt’s son asks him permission to quit college and elope Babbitt approves in hope that his son will fare better against the power of conformity than he has. “I’ve never done a single thing I’ve wanted to in my whole life! I don’t know’s I’ve accomplished anything except just get along??maybe you can carry things on further. I don’t know but I do get a sneaking kind of pleasure out of that fact that you knew what you

wanted to do and did it. Well, those folks in there will try to bully you, and tame you down. Tell ‘em go to the devil! I’ll back you. Take your factory job, if you want to. Don’t be scared of the family. No, nor all of Zenith. Nor of yourself the way I’ve been. Go ahead, old man! The world is yours!”.(Babbitt pg 401) In this meaningful ending passage Babbitt admits his failure in life to his son, and tells him to go after his dreams. He hopes that his son will not fear life, himself, or Zenith the way he did. Babbitt realizes that fear is how conformity captures it’s victims, and that without fear anything is possible. In the city of Zenith the power of conformity is too strong to battle, and even when it’s power is realized it is impossible to battle. Conformity

traps the fearful into unhappy lives, and forces it’s will upon them. Once captured by conformity it is impossible to escape it’s grasp. Some Hope however exists for a newer generation including Babbitt’s son to conquer conformity and aspire to carry out their dreams.