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men (PG). However, on May 3rd Clinton announced a willingness for to pause in the bombing if in fact troops were pulled back (PG). Thus, although the U.S. did not agree to stop bombing as the troops were let go, it does seem that there was a change in attitude on both sides just about that time. Up until the release of the three U.S. troops, the initiative was a U.S.-led war, backed by Britain and of course, the other countries in the NATO alliance but much world criticism had been lodged in the process. Yet, Jesse Jackson was able to negotiate the release of prisoners and Russia continued negotiating for a peaceful solution. President Clinton continued the strong arm policy but did seem suddenly more flexible. Part of the reason for the harsh rhetoric was of course because

forces were already committed and in fact, negotiations had failed in the past. Yet, the beginning of May proved to be a turning point and talk had begun about the possibility of a peacekeeping force in the foreseeable future.On May 5, there was optimism in the air in support of the Russian-led diplomatic solution . Reports of such a diplomatic initiative suggested an “international body” to run Kosovo when Yugoslav troops would pull out (”Day by day” PG). On May 7, the United States and Russia seemed to have made some headway in negotiating a peace plan and even President Clinton felt that a true peace process had begun (PG). The United Nations, at this time, stepped into the peace talks and elements of the plan seemed to include a strong peacekeeping role in Kosovo with

NATO and Russian troops (PG). Things were looking well until an incident which could be internationally significant occurred. It was purportedly another accident. But the ramifications were serious and the U.S. is not out of the woods yet.Again, the Wag the Dog theory, while pertaining primarily to diversion from a sex scandal, is relevant. At least that is how it is perceived. However, some White House watchers contend that perhaps Clinton had wanted to cover up something significantly more serious than an a sexual liaison. Chinagate has been given little attention but it has been alleged that Chinese money had helped to fund the Clinton campaign. Further, it had been recently learned that the Chinese government stole a significant amount of U.S. military secrets. With that in

mind, the “accident” that happened on May 8th was extraordinary. If it were an accident, it gave the conflict quite an ironic twist.What happened exactly was that on May 8, 1999 a missile attack hit the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, killing three and wounding a dozen others (”Day by day” PG). Needless to say, the Chinese government was not happy. What was also significant was that the reason given for the accident seemed so ludicrous that some contend that the excuse was intentionally lame. The reason for the error was explained as their erroneously using a four year old map and the embassy had been built after that time. However, it had been reported that a map of four years old reveals an empty lot where the embassy was built, suggesting that such an incident could never

have happened. Why would they drop a bomb on an empty lot? Wouldn’t they have noticed the discrepancy between the map and the reality of the situation?While NATO immediately apologized and initially offered no details, there were many protests in China, which overshadowed the peace talks (”Day by day” PG). On May 9th, China announced that it would suspend scheduled talks with the U.S., which were unrelated to the present war (PG). On May 10th, Yugoslavia announced a partial withdrawal of troops from Kosovo but U.S. officials described their attempt as unimpressive (PG). In the mean time, problems persisted with bad feelings between China and the U.S. Soon, China demanded that there be an immediate halt to the bombing campaign before the United Nations considers any peace

plan (PG). Protests against the U.S. by the Chinese began to slow down (”Day by day” PG). In fact, on May 14th, as part of a planned visit to China, NBC’s Matt Lauer was finally allowed to broadcast from the Great Wall. His trip had been delayed due to the crisis. This, and other events, suggest that the tension is less than it had been initially. During that week, Defense Secretary William Cohen reiterated that NATO will accept nothing less than a total troop and police withdrawal from Kosovo (PG). The war continues but peace may have a chance.III. The Role of the United NationsThe United Nations took a back seat in terms of the Kosovo crisis but had recently, finally become involved. The head of the United Nations had actually proposed a plan as early as mid-April