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filled with computer systems and the new reference librarians have it easier than their ancient counterparts, they can locate info at a faster rate and keep it more readily available, which all help improve reference service immeasurably. This is but one aspect of this new Internet age. One filled with life enriching and tumultuous times ahead. In an article, ?The Net-Setters,? Neal Gabler goes on to explain how the net-savvy people of today rival the early Jet-Setters of the 1960?s. Gabler says, ?…what they live is the cyberlife–more thrilling to many than the old high life of the jet-setters because it has more variety. In cyberspace, there are virtually no limits to what you can purport to do? (par 3). The thing is with the Wallin 5 Internet there is so much locked away

potential that know one can avoid hearing of it. It?s recognized that the Internet is the future yet there is much ambiguity to where it will truly go and how it will be used. The Internet is a forced to be dealt with, but it is sure to serve humanity much as its precursors of media have, to learn from and aid the greater dissemination of information to all in this new fast-paced information super age. All things discussed, public perception of mass media by having and making our lives more comfortable and more informed, educational value of media by helping our children to grasp concepts and skills, and the computer/Internet revolution by expanding our minds to boundless possibilities have all made impacts on who we are as humans and what we will become in the future as we

progress through the ages. Hopefully mass media will last several more hundred years being that mass media is only fairly recent when human history is considered. Bibliography Wallin 6 Gabler, Neal. ?The Net-Setters.? The Los Angeles Times 27 June 1999: 3 pgs. 22 March 2000 Online Proquest. Hogan, Majorie, ?Media Education.? Pediatrics Aug. 1999 22 March 2000 Online Proquest. Huston, Aletha C. ?Television and the Informational and Educational Needs of Children.? Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science May 1998: 9-23. 22 March 2000 Online Proquest. Saltzman, Joe. ?Why Do You Trust and Why.? USA Today Jan. 2000: p. 59 22 March 2000 Online Infotrac. ?Survey Asks Young Adults About Media Use.? The Quill Jan. 2000: p. 7 22 March 2000 Online Infotrac.