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the choice of white or red roses for Stephen?s class scholastic teams was given to Stephen yet he wanted a ?green? rose symbolizing his creative soul. Taking the reader through Stephen?s conscience and sub conscience mind along with subjective and objective realities of his life, Joyce can successfully use the stream of consciousness to show Stephen?s situation. Joyce slowly reveals the depths of Stephen?s soul through this narrative technique and takes the reader through his life as if the reader is going through with what Stephen is. The conscience mind of Stephen is that of which the Catholic clergy and family of his has molded throughout his youth. His sub conscience mind is a mind lurking deep within him which eventually comes out and takes over his life. Objective realities

such as those seen only through the eyes of a Dublin native who has never really expressed their self or seen the world are that of the clergy and Stephen?s family. The subjective realities are those which Stephen ponders of and urns to do and see these realities. They are what drives him to escape the church and all fabricated restraints early in his life. With all this imagery and all these devices, Joyce is able to use those devices and Stephen to explore the human mind and the human heart. This novel his extremely abundant in imagery and connections between those images and the themes and motifs. The physiological aspect of this novel is extraordinary and gives the reader a whole new view on life and spirituality. Different themes of conformity and rebellion are greatly

examined by Joyce and are understandable by ingenious use of imagery of all kinds. Sensory details and color are two great aspects that gave the novel a more intriguing and entertaining nature. All together, Joyce?s adequate use of images and literary devices not only brought the imagery and themes/motifs together but also the novel as a whole. Word count: 1050 358