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televised debate of 1996 aired on PBS in the News Hour with Jim Lehrer. A Balanced budget had been a problem for both parties. Last term, after many years of Republican foul ups and after Republicans had quadrupled the deficit, Mr. Clinton stepped in, and had cut deficit, expanded trade and invested in the people. For the next term, Mr. Clinton says he will try to balance the budget and still preserve Medicare and Medicaid. my balanced budget plan adds 10 years to the life of the Medicare trust fund. Ten years. And we’ll have time to deal with the long-term problems of the baby boomers. Mr. Dole and the Republicans say that Medicare is becoming bankrupt and despite repeated Republican efforts to work with his administration to save Medicare, his response has been a barrage of

propaganda. We propose to allow unprecedented patient choice in Medicare, so that older Americans can select health care arrangements that work best for them, including provider-sponsored organizations offering quality care with strong consumer protections. Crime also played a part in the debate. Mr. Dole is proposing a plan in which computer systems won t allow criminals access to any guns. He calls it the instant check; when you walk in the store and slide the card down the computer, it will not let you access any guns. Mr. Dole says the Democrats Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban has not brought many prosecution or ban a lot of guns, and further more his method would be better. But Mr. Clinton says, the Brady Bill has kept at least 60,000 felons, fugitives and stalkers

from getting handguns. Senator Dole led the fight against the Brady bill. He tried to keep it from coming to my desk. He didn’t succeed, and I signed it, and I’m glad I did. Foreign policy was a major issue on debate during the election. Clinton, before he took office, Haiti was governed by a dictator, and the worst war was waging on Bosnia. But there are democratic elections in Haiti, and peace in Bosnia. We made progress in Northern Ireland and the Middle East. We’ve also stood up to the new threats of terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, organized crime, and we have worked hard to expand America’s economic presence around the world with the biggest increase in trade with the largest number of new trade agreements in history. Over the past four

years, the Administration has undertaken the most successful restructuring of our military forces in history. Even as the size of our forces has decreased, their capabilities, readiness and qualitative edge have increased. The Republicans believe that their foreign strength lies in that of NATO to ensure peace to the nations of the world. As Bob Dole said, “It is an outrage that the patriots who threw off the chains of Soviet bondage have been told by Bill Clinton that they must wait to join the NATO alliance.” The Republicans also say the Bill Clinton broke his promise to lift the illegal arms embargo on Bosnia, and with only the help of Bob Dole it was possible. Environment also played a disagreeable role in 1996. The Republicans who supported the Safe Water Drinking Act

which provided clean water to local communities. But Clintons s disagreed and funded other projects instead. The Republicans claim they have always advocated conserving the animals and plants, but the endangered species act is flawed. We will improve the ESA by implementing an incentive-based program in cooperation with State, local, and tribal governments and private individuals to recognize the critical relationship between a healthy environment and a healthy economy founded on private property rights and responsibilities. After years in which Republicans neglected the global environment, the Democrats claim the Clinton Administration has made America a leader in the fight to meet environmental challenges that transcend national borders and require global cooperation. The

Clinton-Gore Administration led the world in calling for a global ban on ocean dumping of low-level radioactive waste and for a legally binding treaty to phase out persistent organic pollutants such as DDT and PCBs. The Democrats will seek to a strong international agreement to regulate greenhouse gases to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer. At home, Democrats claim to know that sound economic development means sound environmental protection. Finally, one of the most important issues of debate is education. The Democratic Party believes that students not only need to learn, they need to learn good character, values and responsibilities. When Dole advocated cutting funds for the school safety funding and the lunch program, the democrats and Clinton went after him and stopped