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data often all but buries a sense of the city itself, while linking phrases can also tire or trivialise: ‘it is necessary to understand that human beings possess multiple identities, not simple ones’.Just as you sense Davies’s close involvement with the successful opening chapter, so it is for the closing two. Breslau during the Weimar Republic was a city steeped in the arts and sciences, while the Polish people struggled, as they had for centuries, to maintain their own language and culture in the face of an overwhelmingly German society.After the ravages of the Nazis, the city was delivered to the equally harsh and oppressive jurisdiction of Stalinism, and the continuing appropriation, and defiance, of its people and culture seemed, until 1989, to be Wroclaw’s fate. For

these sections, when Davies appears more than just a supervisor of the project, the prose is lucid and swift, and the hybrid city emerges as an extraordinary testament, both to Polish fortitude and guile, and to the spirit of rapprochement now prevailing in the lands in between.