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wrote Sonnets from the Portuguese, which are forty-four sonnets depicting the various phases of a surrender to love ( Sonnet 43 234). These sonnets are written to celebrate the courtship of Elizabeth and her husband, the poet Robert Browning ( Elizabeth Barrett Browning ). By loving Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning s life, and writing style drastically changed. In these sonnets she asks questions to assure the love of Robert Browning due to her uncertainty and doubt ( Sonnet 43 235). How do I love thee? Let me count the ways, is Browning s most inspired sonnet ( Elizabeth Barrett Browning ). Elizabeth Barrett Browning s romantic love for Robert Browning is revealed through rapturous language ( Sonnet 43 235). This shows how romantic love even influenced her precise

diction. One can clearly interpret that she does not want to be in a state of lonliness by reading the poem. For this, she ends her sonnet with a request for love continued after death (235). Even though she is mortal, she can say this because their love is everlasting and eternal. The romantic love between Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning has been the major influence to her life and writing style. Elizabeth Barrett Browning s religious beliefs, fanatical love of Italy, and her romantic love for Robert Browning influenced Browning and her works. She never would have thought that these life experiences would make such an impact on her writing. Browning never would have guessed her life would be so full and complete. Her life is similar to the fairy tale of

Cinderella, because she did not believe that she would ever find true love. As her prince lifted her wedding veil she felt a sense of great comfort. Robert Browning sealed the romantic poetess fate with a long passionate kiss. The church bells rang as they walked hand-in-hand in everlasting love. Works Cited Elizabeth Barrett Browning. DISCovering Authors (2000). Student Resource Center. Gale Group. 28 Feb. 2001 . Morlier, Margaret M. Elizabeth Barrett Browning s Spiritual Progress: Face to Face with God. ANQ Spring 2000. Proquest Direct. 28 Feb. 2001 . O Hara, Patricia A. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. British Women Writers. Ed. Paul Schlueter and June Schlueter. New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1988. 66-68. Radley, Virginia L. Chapter 1: Biographical Sketch. Elizabeth Barrett

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