The Plot Synopsis Of Murphy

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The Plot Synopsis Of Murphy’s Boy Essay, Research Paper My story, Murphy’s Boy, by Torey Hayden, is a famous true story about the life of a teacher/psychologist lady, Torey, who helps a non-talking boy, Kevin. This story started off with Torey meeting Kevin for the first time. She noticed that he was crouched underneath of a table, all closed in, and not talking. He refused to talk to anyone, not even his teachers. They called him “Zoo-Boy.” He was 15 years old. Torey sat down in the room with Kevin and she started reading to him. That was all that she could do for a long time was read. After many talks and room switches, Torey discovered that Kevin wanted to learn how to talk. He was just so overcome by fears that he could not speak. During this stressful and time

consuming time period of teaching Kevin how to speak, he was slowly able to speak again. After a while of talking, Kevin started slowly bringing Torey into his life, and all his secrets. He had always mentioned a sister named Carol, but there were no records of her. After a while Torey decided to join the Big Sister’s program, that she was dragged in by a friend, and she found her wonderful new sister named Charity. Charity would never leave Torey alone. She always was hungry and always pestered Torey. Charity would stay on Torey’s doorstep and wait for her to come home. Charity also had a bad problem of lying invariably. After a long time of coaching Kevin and teaching him, she started to notice different behavior patterns. He started getting hostile and all sorts of stuff.

He started opening up a part of his life to Torey that she did not know even existed. That part was the mean, angry Kevin. Kevin used a piece pf his bed to make a knife to break out and kill his father. His father always beat him when he was a child and there was a lot of hatred and revenge stored up in Kevin’s mind. This was soon under control after Kevin tried to break out and kill his father. He was put into a home where he could live later on. That was unsuccessful when he broke the owner’s wife’s arm. He always said that he did not mean to. After that he was sent to a different building, and besides, he was getting a little too old for Garson Geyer. Torey thought that she was a failure and she started bringing her psychology office partner in on that case. His name was

Jeff. Kevin and Jeff started becoming really good friends. Kevin was glad to have a male role model. After a long time passed, and more of Kevin’s outbursts happened, Torey and Jeff decided to look into Kevin’s past. They contacted his mother and got barely any information from her. By doing their research though, they were able to contact Kevin’s old helper and find out about Kevin’s past. More time passed and Jeff was sent away. He was sent to California, and relieved of his job project with Torey about Kevin. Kevin was extremely heartbroken about this. The reason that Jeff was sent away was because he was a homosexual. This upsetted Torey and she was not prepared for Jeff to leave. Kevin took it hard. He changed in so many ways after that. Kevin was later sent into a

different imprisonment and he stopped talking again. He started back up with Torey’s help. He then tried to rape Torey one day in the insititution when she took him down to the downstairs room to get paint supplies. After that Torey was taken off the job of Kevin’s helper because of that insodent. Kevin was EXTREMELY angered at that, but he always knew that she would come back for him. Kevin then tried to escape that institution with 2 other guys, but were caught. Torey started helping Kevin a little bit more after she was able to see Kevin again and they decided that Kevin should try out this group home type of thing. He started high school with all the normal people, and he was happy. Throughout the story, Kevin began to let go of all his main fears, and that was