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will not worry about, what might happen, to him, in the next world so long as he is granted peace of mind in this: Macbeth: If it were done when, it is done, then’t were well If were done quickly: if the, assassination Could trammel up the consequence and catch With his surcease success; that but this blow. Might be the be-all and the end-all here… We’d jump the life to come. But here upon this bank and shoal of time, We’d jump the life to come, – But in these cases, (I.VII. 1–7) Макбет: Добро б удар, и делу бы конец, И с плеч домой! Минуты бы не медлил, Когда бы вся трудность заключалась в том, Чтоб скрыть следы и чтоб достичь удачи, Я б

здесь, на этой отмели времен, Пожертвовал загробным воздаяньем. Но нас возмездье ждет и на земле. (I.VII. 496 p.) Before passing to the analysis of this extract = passage want the reader’s to pay attention to the following; In the original, I mean in the stage direction. We have the word hatboys in Russian it is given as» Трубы», in Uzbek consecutively as «Бурғу». Server = chief waiter = кравчий товабоши; divers = various несколько слуг = таом кўтарган хизматкорлар. The first sentences of the passage should be understood in this way; «If it were done»,» done quickly» – If it (the murder) were completely finished when we do it,

then it would be a good thing if it were (we do) (it) «done quickly». In Uzbek the meaning these first lines are understood properly and has the following order: Mакбет: Бир зарб билан ҳаммасидан соқит бўлардим, бир дақиқа, бир лаҳза ҳам қараб турмасдим. Токи тахтга эришмоқнинг бсхтликлари фақат изни яширмоқдан иборат бўлса! Қулай фурсат қўлин чўзган худди шу дамда, у дунёнинг бор роҳатин қурбон қилардим. Асср қасос кутар бизни ер юзида ҳам: «If the assassination, his surcease success» if the actual murder could catch up = trammel up the

consequences and could come to a final result with Duncan’s death if would be a good thing to do it quickly «that but this blow» – «If only this blow» «the be-all and the end all» – the existence and conclusion in itself, but leads to other things. «But here – even here, i.e. in this world only». «The bank and shoal of time, shoal – a narrow strip of land between water». The image is of life as a narrow bank thrusting acto the great seas of enternity. The word jump is, used as risk as «risk». The life to come – «the life in the next world after death», and what might happen there. «In these cases» – «in situation such as these». Here we must state one more fact. In the original the text is given = supplied with nice commentaries. These help any

translator (not only Russian translators), even Uzbek translators as the meaning of each word, phrase or clauses are explained so that the essence of the lines be more understandable. It is very nice as to understand Shakespeare after more than 400 years is really difficult. It is difficult not only for foreign readers but for the English as well. As the meaning of several lexical units, word combinations, expressions have gone various changes. But even this is impossible and he knows it. He makes up his mind to go on, further with plans for the murder of Duncan. His wife, however, persuades him to go forward – Holinshed writes of heras(20) «burning in unquenchable desire to bear the name of queen» – and after some agreement between them, Macbeth kills his king while he is

a guest in Macbeth’s castle: By his crime Macbeth has bought the kingship through evil, though many must doubt his honesty, no one is brave enough to defy him openly when he kills the grooms (and not only the groom we want to add) to make it seem that they are guilty. Even the lines which Macbeth speakes when he announces the murder ring false and hollow, and arouse the suspicious of Malkolm and Donalbain, who flee from Scotland. Macbeth is quick to notice this, and turns suspicion on to them. Macbeth with eyes open to the hideousness of his offense, a brave, imaginative and morally sensitive man commits a stealthy murder for gain (прибыл). His victim is his guest his benefactor, his kinsman and his king; and to shield himself from detection he incoutinently (21)