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adolescents will go to the bars, they will not drink as much. Consequently, having more fun and less alcohol. In conclusion, as far as illegal actions and illegal identifications go, a drinking age of 18 is more favorable for any country. This survey was administered with the purpose of judging very delicate sides. This is because it does not judge small things but rather, it judges large countries with large amounts of people. Therefore, there are many factors involved which cannot be controlled in the questions and by the survey. These factors include, most of all, the difference in customs between the countries. As well, the difference in age ranges between the groups. Customs of a country include everything from what people do to the type of law enforcement that takes place

in the city or nation. As far as the survey results, even though some of the questions yielded very different results between the countries, these are mainly due to the factors named above. One of the questions in the survey questioned sexual activity due to alcohol consumption. The difference in the results for this question may be different simply because of the customs of the countries. Because women from one country may be overall more prone to having sexual interaction than those from other countries simply because of the difference in customs, the results might be affected. This simple factor can alter the results in a very large way. Another question was that which addressed trouble with the police and people committing small crimes such as small damage to properties. This

as well, may be very easily due to customs of nations as far as law enforcement goes. Because the police officers are much more lenient in Latin American countries and European countries than in the United States, these results are expected to be different. The most usual results would include the United States having a larger number of people who have had trouble with the police and a smaller number of people committing small crimes; This is simply because the police force has a much stronger enforcement of the law. As well as the difference in the amount of people who have missed class due to drinking. For this question, the amount of people who missed classes due to drinking in Latin and European countries was much lower. This is mainly due to the fact that this group does not

include students in college but only in high school and under 18 years of age. Therefore, because of the parents and attendance requirements, they will be forced not to miss class. Overall, these small changes due to customs and age groups of a country are not due to alcohol and therefore are to be ignored. This is not to say that the survey failed in provide good results because it did in fact provide good and somewhat predicted results. Going to a college or a University is a major step in the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Usually, the very high percentage of these go out of home and even overseas for this opportunity. As well, most of these adolescents enter school at the same age, 18 years of age. If the maturity level of a person is to be evoked, a

person?s maturity level can be over all other characteristics determined from the ability of a person to survive alone and with help from no on except for maybe monetary help. For this reason, if a person is able to go to college, without a doubt, this person is mature enough for anything. This type of person deserves the privileges and responsibilities that should come with being mature. Therefore, as well as having the privilege and responsibility to go to college, they should be able to pay taxes, go to war, fly a plane, and most of all, drink alcohol- responsibly and with maturity. One of the only countries to still instate a drinking age of 21 is the United States. The United States is also said to be the largest and most developed. As proved in this report however, it can

be said that as far as drinking age goes, the most developed and civilized seems to have the largest problem as well. Bibliography Wood, R. ?Substance Abuse: The Nation’s Number One Health Problem, Key Indicators for Policy.? Johnson Foundation Report. Princeton, NJ; October 1993. Presley C.A., Meilman P.W., Cashin J.R., Lyerla R. ?Alcohol and Drugs on American College Campuses: Use, Consequences, and Perceptions of the Campus Environment? Vol IV: 1992-94. Carbondale, IL; 1996. Rogers J.D., Greenfield T.K. ?Beer drinking accounts for most of the hazardous alcohol consumption reported in the United States.? Journal of Studies on Alcohol. 1999 Engs, R. ?Why the drinking age should be lowered: An opinion based upon research? Professor, Applied Health Sciences, Indiana University,