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are not described with precise numbers but rather with simple ranges in which the average is expected to lie. Another factor worth noting about these ranges is the fact that they do not go into individual detail. Because the values are nothing more than an average of the whole, the amount of people who abuse or drink responsibly cannot be determined. Still however, the results can be used in a very effective method to compare the alcohol consumption in different ages and from the different countries. When these ranges are juxtaposed between each other as in the graph labeled graph #1, it can be seen that the countries with a drinking age of 18 have a more favorable consumption of alcohol. The output is that even though for those overage the amount of alcohol consumed in all

countries is in the same range, the amount consumed by those underage is less for those in a country with a drinking age of 18. This may be due to the fact that those underage in a country with 18 are younger than those from a country of drinking age 21 where the range of ages goes all the way up to 20 years of age. The important point to highlight however, is that no matter what ages are contained in the ranges, the amount of alcohol consumed will still be less for a drinking age of 18. Thus it will still be favorable to have a drinking age of 18. It is very important to mention as well that because this survey did not include those who refrain from drinking in totality, the amount of alcohol consumed overall might be larger in a Latin or European country, but the amount of

alcohol consumed by those who actually do drink at least one drink per week is less. One of the most fearsome results of drinking is the inability to drive ensuing in a car crash, generally, concluding in death. Drinking and driving, all over the world, constitutes for one of the largest contributors to death of human beings. This is why it is extremely important to take into consideration the effect of a change in legal drinking age on the amount of people driving under the influence. In the survey at hand, the difference in the amount of people who drink and drive between countries with different drinking ages is very high. The survey shows that in the United States almost half as much people drive drunk when compared to people from countries in Latin America or Europe. This

impressive difference however is not mainly due to a low drinking age. This survey was administered to a total pool of 32 people from a country with a drinking age of 21 where all of them where from the United States of America. Therefore, the difference here does not come mainly from the drinking age but rather from law enforcement. In countries outside of the United States, the police officers do not enforce drinking and driving laws nearly as harsh. For that reason people are less scared and in the same way more prone to driving under the influence. The use of false systems of identification is seen in all parts of the world as an illegal act. These systems however, are still used with the interest of changing a persons identity or age. In the United States, as well as in

countries outside its borders, the use of these very well known ?fake-ID?s? is somewhat common throughout the young population. In the survey administered, the difference in the amount of people who use fake identifications in different countries is remarkably large. The difference between the amount of people in the United States who use fake ID?s is extremely large when compared to the amount of people who use these in Latin or European countries. The reason for this is very simple- Because a person underage is in need of using a fake-ID to get into a public location where the minimum is the same as the drinking age, most under age adolescents use these. As well, because the age range and maturity level for people to start going to public institutions such as bars is 18, those

between 18 and 20 years of age in the United States need the use of a fake-ID for this purpose. It is in the interest of a country however, to have the least amount of people committing illegal acts such as the use of fake-ID?s, for this reason, it is better to have a low drinking age where the use of fake-ID?s is very low. In counterargument, a country will also like to keep youngsters off the bars and streets; In reality however, the adolescents will still go to the bars and streets no matter what age is the minimum, except with a drinking age of 18 the use of false identifications will be smaller. As well, the cash phenomena will come into effect and help lower the amount of alcohol consumption. Due to the high prices of alcohol in bars and such institutions, even though these