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with it is easy to see how character actors can get carried away in their own performance. There were varying degrees of action, dance scenes, comedic performances, and romantic challenges. Each act was handles with distinct diversity and caress. There was an even balance of severity in which was placed into each scene by the individual performers. The acting itself was very fresh and invigorating. . The interpretations were modern yet they still kept the original heart of the play in the foreground. Relationships, friendships, and love were the underlying emotions within this performance. The ensemble skillfully undertook each character with delicate care and respectfully balanced humor and sincerity to accommodate each character distinctly. The cast worked wonderfully as a team

working and playing off the audience as opportunities were presented. The participants in this performance, although quite inexperienced, had quite an enjoyable time performing this comedic adaptation of Pirates. The actor playing the Pirate King showed off his stunning, powerful voice and agility in addition to his quirky sense of humor hilariously flexible. Comparing this actress to other females who have conquered this role typically noticing the successful female performers voices sound just as good on the ultra high notes as most of her male counterparts can on the low ones.