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in Russian has increased in recent years (Marina Tsvetaeva s Biography). People admire her because of the tragic loses in her life that she tried to transcend (MTB). Unfortunately, the despair of loosing her family and the lack of motivation to write again was too much to deal with, so she took her own life in 1941 (Marina Tsvetaeva). Anna Akhmatova was a relic; she represented the pre-Revolutionary Russian the style of writing that consisted of everyday speech and simple language (Dybka). One of Akhmatova s recurring themes in her books is love (Akhmatova, Anna). At the same time, she enjoyed writing about religion (Akhmatova, Anna). Consequently, the Soviets called Akhmatova half nun, half whore (Dybka). Though Akhmatova was frequently confronted with official government

opposition to her work during her lifetime, she was deeply loved and lauded by the Russian people, in part because she did not abandon her country during difficult political times (Dybka). Despite their differences, Marina Tsvetaeva and Anna Akhmatova exemplify the courage and strength women need in order to survive in a cruel world. Even though they were often criticized for their writing techniques and subject-matter, they did not let that stop them form doing what they love: writing. Works Cited Akhmatova, Anna. 18 April 1999: n.pag. Descriptions of Tsvetaeva by those who knew of her and Is Tsvetaeva a Lesbian Poet? 18 April 1999:n.pag. Dybka, Jill T. Akhmatova: Biographical/Historical

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