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The Pigman Theme Essay, Research Paper Life is not worth living if one lives it alone. However, is time so much more precious than satisfaction that it is better to die happy than live lonely? Of course. In Paul Zindel s The Pigman, it is better that the Pigman meets John and Lorraine even though he dies sooner than expected. Prior to meeting John and Lorraine, Mr. Pignati is a lonely individual in need of a companion. For example, when Lorraine is talking to Mr. Pignati on the phone, she comments on how alone he must be to be telling jokes to a stranger. Even Lorraine senses that something is missing from his life from a phone conversation. Lorraine thinks she will try to help him before it is too late to pull away. In addition, at the same scene, Lorraine says, There was

something about his voice that made me feel sorry for him (22). Lorraine feels the inner pain Mr. Pignati feels. She has some kind of spiritual connection with him and will do something to fill the void inside of him. Finally, on their first visit to Mr. Pignati, they find him to be so thrilled to have guests over because over because of his eagerness to chat. Mr. Pignati does not have many visitors so he treats the few he has with utmost respect and hospitality. He loves to have people around because he is not used to conversing with others. As fate would know it, the three were to build a bond and fill each other s lives. As John, Lorraine, and Mr. Pignati all get to know each other, the connection of friendship between them becomes inseparable. For example, on their trip to

the zoo, the three of them make faces and howl like monkeys. They throw their cares away and act silly for each other s sake. They are comfortable enough with each other s company to act like monkeys. In addition, they visit Beekman s department store and have fun in the aisles. They have a fun and entertaining time at the risk of getting in trouble. Their friendship is a strong bind that no rules can break. Finally, at Mr. Pignati s house during the rain, Lorraine says, It wasn t exactly that we wanted to show off as much as we wanted to entertain each other (93). They try to please each other just to have a good time. They treat each other equally, no matter their social status. Nevertheless, the Pigman does die, but not necessarily in vain. Over all the tragedy of the book,

all was not lost; some even gained. For example, in The Oath, John and Lorraine write, The truth and nothing but the truth until this memorial epic is finished (1). The story is meant to pay their respects to Mr. Pignati for his great examples of a great friend, not some fictional story. Their encounter with him affects them so much that they will try to keep his legacy alive. In addition, directly after the Pigman s death, John comments that something in them died with him. Even though their time with him was short, his death still managed to influence their own lives to the extent of them making him a part of their lives. Mr. Pignati really shows them about friendship and companionship. Finally, directly after that, John mentions that no one but himself and Lorraine are to

blame for Mr. Pignati s death. Even though they were at a loss with his death, something was gained from the experience: knowledge. Mr. Pignati s death is not a complete failure, for more people will show compassion towards him. Because of his relationship with John and Lorraine, Mr. Pignati s last few days become the best days of his life, after the death of his beloved wife. Mr. Pignati dies prematurely, but not alone. The length of time one lives is not as important as what they do with the time they have. As long as one lives life to the fullest as Mr. Pignati does, regret will not be the last thing on their mind.