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The Physics Ofkites Essay, Research Paper The Physics of Kites Kites are such interesting items. They are toys for many and learning tools for others. To really understand them, one must take into account some laws of Physics. Physics supplies the answer for exactly how a kite can fly and manuever in the air. It consists of two main laws: lift and drag. Think of a kite before it is launched into the air. The kite and the earth are pulling on each other because of the force of gravity. However, the kite needs to be raised into the air. We can use the principle of lift. To make the kite fly, we must lift it into the air. However, the structure of the kite must provide lift. We used garbage bags for that structure. It is uniform and doesn’t allow wind through. It catches the

wind, making the kite lift. The lifting force of all kites is created by directing the air downward; the result changes the momentum and produces an upward force. This is the result because the air going over the top of the curved part of the kite is going quicker than the air passing underneath. Fast-moving air creates less pressure; this means there is more pressure underneath the kite, and this helps to force it upwards. When the kite makes its ascent into the air, the air provides a lot of resistence which produces drag. Drag helps maintain the kite’s height and keeps it from coming back down as quickly as it ascends. Since the kite cannot go with the wind flow because of the kite string that tethers it and the kite is tilted so that the air is pointed downward, the kite

has no where to go but up. The stability of the kite is a result of the length of the kite string. The more string released creates more drag. Kites follow a number of different laws and principles of Physics. Learning about them can help you to know what structures and forms are necessary for building a kite that flies well. Lift and drag really are a sum of a lot of laws and principles. Both lift and drag use other theories and formulas that are combined into one principle. Kites really are very interesting objects to study.