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implementation of a customer feedback program designed to promote upward communication from the customer to the Resort management, as well as downward communication from the Resort management to the Resort’s employees. The model also provides a framework for identifying weaknesses in resource development or allocation, such as the lack of empowerment of Resort employees, that can more efficiently affect positive residue. REFERENCES Barrington, Melvin N., and Michael D. Olsen. 1987. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 6 (3) pp. 131-138. Davis, Sally Ogle. 1993. Los Angeles Magazine, (11) pp. 58-59. Murrmann, Suzanne K., and Cheri Becker Suttle. 1993. VNR’s Encyclopedia of Hospitality and Tourism , pp. 398-406. Reinman, T. R. 1994. Golf Magazine, (9) pp. 70-73.

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