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section the damage is already done. All that these types of stories do is degrade our government officials and our political candidates, when this happens it promotes a general distrust of our government. When our society really begins to completely distrust anything and everything our government tells us this country will be in major trouble. I believe that if we scrutinized our media as much as we do our candidates our country would be much better off. We have become a country of instant gratification and short attention spans. When we want information we want it now and we want it fast. People need to start considering the sources of the information that streams so easily throughout the country in our media. The line between fact and political opinion is becoming harder and

harder to distinguish every time you read a newspaper. In conclusion whoever controls the media controls the vote. If the media likes you and decides not to dredge into your past personal life you have got it made, but the second they turn on you and start reporting on negative aspects of your life you are more than likely doomed politically. Hopefully in the future our society will start to look at what a candidate could do, or has been doing, in office instead of what they have done in their bedroom. Bibliography 1. ?The Perminent Campaign?, Norman J. Ornstein and Amy S. Mitchell. American Government 98/99,pp. 89-93. Duskin McGraw-Hill. 2. 3.