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loyal are volunteers or people who serve there country. Is loyalty a valuable human characteristic? In my opinion it is not a valuable one.Why do I think this, because people don t care anymore. If it was something of value weas a people would be trying to keep loyalty alive, by teaching young people that you willalways be respected if you are loyal to everyone. Some people are brought up like thatand some are not, what happens to those individuals who are not tough to be loyal. In writing this essay I have came to many conclusions, one is that loyalty does nothave the same meaning as it did long ago and it is almost dead now. Just sit back and lookat our society and see how many people are being loyal. Another is that today there is still only a few people that are loyal to them

self s and those people that they help. My lastconclusion is that the perfect ideal of loyal is only achieved be those who will do anything to reach there own personal goal s, and will always be there to help another person at anycost. 340