The Perfect Ideal Of Loyalty Essay Research

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The Perfect Ideal Of Loyalty Essay, Research Paper Can the perfect ideal of loyalty ever be achieved? What is loyalty, how can you becomeloyal person? How do the people of today compare to the heroes in the stories that weread Beowulf Sir Gawin and the Green Knight and Camelot. When do you know you are aloyal person, is it something that you are born with or do you learn to become loyal? Isloyalty a valuable human characteristic? How does someone become a loyal person? In Sir Gawin he proved to be loyalwhen he showed up to a challenge that no normal man could ever win, but he did he wentto get his chopped off he was very loyal to his word. Today if you want to become loyalyou do not need to do some heroic. That is not good the word loyalty today is used toloosely. If you do

something as little as going to work everyday and you are loyal. Thatis not loyalty that is making money so you can eat. A very good example of loyalty isserving your country at any cost, if you go to war there is a good chance that you will notcome back, but you put that aside just to keep the rest of the country safe. That is theultimate sign of loyalty when you have to face death. So I think that people of today needto make sure that a word is not used just for simple thing, but the correct thing so youngpeople can understand what the word means. Can the perfect ideal of loyalty ever be achieved? In our times I think that loyalty isalmost never achieved, why do I think this? The people of today don t know the properterminology of a word. Another reason that I think this people

in today s society don tcare if they are considered loyal or not. In the days of Beowulf the only reason for livingwas to be a loyal person even if it meant death. In this story if you were not a loyal personyou had no reason to live people would not think of you as a person but as that men whois not loyal to anyone. For this reason people were always trying to be loyal cause theyknew what would happen if they were not they might even have to face death. If wethought like this our country would be a better place, even the president of the unitedstates is not a loyal person, he lied to the whole country he did not care if he wasconsidered to be a person that was not loyal. See even the man who runs a country canget away with not being loyal. For all of these reasons I believe that

known one in ourtimes can even consider that they are going to be loyal to anyone not even to there self s. What is loyalty, is it something that you are born with? I think that people learn tobe loyal to each other, but they do not do a good job of it they act a certain way but deepdown in side they don t like to kiss another persons butt so they are not being loyal, noteven to there self s. What is loyalty it is a characteristic that shows how much you will doto help someone else you rarely do it to benefit yourself. You will give up anything toserve another person even if you don t know them like the national guard they are alwaysgoing into disaster zones to help people, giving the people that need help what ever theywant. That is being loyal to your country. How do we as a

society compare to the people in Beowulf and Sir Gawin? In noopinion we can t even come close to them. In Camelot the king wanted to do nothingmore then build the best city ever made, but was he doing it for the people or was hedoing it for his self so he would be considered the wealthiest king around. Even in thosetimes if you were a king you could get away with not being loyal, and if anyone objectedthe king would have there head cut off. Some people would like to think that everyone isloyal, but we are not. In my opinion the only people in our society that are loyal areteachers because they put up with students every day. Why do they do this so the studentscan learn the teachers are not in it for there self s they are in it to help other people. Theother kind of people who are