The People We Serve Essay Research Paper

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The People We Serve Essay, Research Paper Milton Obermann Suzanne M. Swiderski English 102 Composition II April 26, 1996 The People Who Serve Those who serve others have a very kind heart. They put a lot of time and effert into helping others. It is not like they have all this time to give, they just are willing to make sacrafices to help those less fortunate. Those who serve have very good morals becuse otherwise they would not care about anyone or anything. If they did not care about anyone they would not bother giving services to the community. Those who serve get a special fealing of fullfilment. I say this because everytime I performed a service for someone I got a fealing of apreciation. It makes you feal ike you have done something good to be achnowledged for. Aft er

gettting this fealing you will do anything to get the fealing back. I feal this is why once someone volunteers they will whants to volunteer again to get that special feeling back. There is plenty of chances for people to volunteer if they would only take the time. Those who serve are the type of people who live a life of the Gospels. They try to do as God would do. It is good to see people who want to follow in Jesus’s footsteps. If the whole world lived a life full of the Gospels there would be a lot less violence. There are lots of different kinds of services that people do. Priest are some of the moast servicing people around. Priest often comfort the sick and dieing. They also help people get through tough times. Priest also listen to peoples problems and try to help them

through the tough times. Society is often brought together by priest. Priest are the biggest supporters of family and unity. With the help of priest many families are brought together after a dispute in the household. They do all of this for the good of society and expect nothing in return. There are also people who serve our country. These are the dedicated people of the army. These people sacrifice their lives for the good of society. There are lots of times where soulgers are ordered to go to other countries to help out the starving people. Often times when there are natural disasters the army comes to the need of those who were affected. The desire to serve is a very special quality. Only special people have this amazing quality. In my opinion teachers serve a very special

service to children and young adults. They help children understand the topic beter and help to furhter advance the childrens knowlege of a subject. Televangalist support childrens in orphanages so that the children can have a better life. With this support orphanages can buy more stuff for the children. Without support like this orphanages could not survive.