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(Joesph, 1997). It is amazing to me that people, time and time again forget their past. There are and there have always been people who, for their beliefs alone, have attempted to define what is obscene. Even William Shakespeare in his time was ridiculed and censored for the contents of his work, The Taming of the Shrew, for instance. (And I am not saying that Hustler is comparative to Will’s plays) I don’t believe that anything in the entertainment industry is really obscene. War is obscene, a country that allows its citizens to die due to the lack of affordable healthcare is obscene, and allowing people to be homeless is obscene. Turning your back on anyone who needs your help is obscene. If this country and our government put as much time and lip service into solving these

problems instead of trying to moralize America, then our children would grow up decent. My son isn’t going to remember a naked picture of a lady as much as he is going to remember the sight of a disabled man sleeping in a doorway and digging through the garbage for food. And for the good Christian in his crusade against the sins of the flesh, wouldn’t your time be better spent volunteering in your community? Which one do you think God would notice more? (Michelle, 1997). Those viewpoints are rather interesting as they hold means to the statement the Larry Flynt made. When someone must go out of their way to get the magazine, it is easier to defend the freedom of that less public speech. Kids will still get their hands on it, but that will not be Hustler’s fault. I don’t

think that Hustler belongs next to Nintendo magazine, but Hustler definitely has a right to print what it wants, as long as the only people who see it are people not offended by it. Violence is one of those endemic social problems that have plagued society since its earliest beginnings. It truly displays the savagery that we, as a people, are capable of. It illustrates both the confusion and anger of the oppressed and ignored within our society and the brutal savagery which the privileged and powerful are capable of. Violence is often the voice of those who would have no voice. Violence is a tool of the weak and ignored, those who cannot exert control in any other way. While our society prides itself on representing all people it conveniently omits a plethora of phrases that

should follow. It represents all people…that have money. It represents all people…that have power. It represents all people…that have influence. So long as you can afford it, non-violence is the best route to solving our problems, but tell that to the poor drug addicts of the inner city. Tell that to the vilified idealistic radicals who are ignored and have no voice. Tell that to the oppressed minority who is not regarded or treated as a human being. Violence is the tool of ignorance and so long as society forcibly refuse to educate our people they will see violence as the only answer to their problems. In conclusion the contiversal statement by Larry Flynt that society should be more concerned about regulating the depiction of violence instead of focusing on obscenity .

This is an unanswered question that society try s to deal will one of the problems more greatly then the other and therefore looked as picking on that particular wrights, or freedom. The argument stands that the human body is a beautiful thing and is one with nature, for this reason is should be viewed and shown freely to the world. Yet in the same respect it also should not be exploited in anyway. And I believe that the people that opposed Larry Flynt sore this to be true as the women that were photograph for his magazine were in exploited position, not in there natural state or beauty. Bibliography

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