The People Vs Larry Flynt Essay Research

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The People Vs Larry Flynt Essay, Research Paper The People vs. Larry Flynt After watching the movie The people vs. Larrry Flynt , and observing his characters suggestion that, society should be more concerned with the regulation s of the depiction of violence instead of focusing on obscenity. “If the First Amendment will protect a scumbag like me, then it will protect all of you. Because I’m the worst.” Under this blazon The People vs. Larry Flynt advances. Flynt is the publisher of Hustler whose career in the porno-mag business and whose tangled by the people opinions and statement about his magazine. I found that there is a point to his statement. This paper will construct a discussion based upon the statement by Larry Flynt s character. And look at Obscenity and

Violence in society. The statement was a direct relation to the Freedom of speech argument put forward by many people. The movie The People vs. Larry Flynt is somewhat simular to the movie South Park: Bigger: Longer and Uncut is the same aspect that it is trying to prove a point. Although it seemed to me that it was doing this in a more comical way, opposed the The People vs. Larry Flynt . The name of the movie itself explains the fact that people (referring to the people that didn t read the magazine) were against Larry Flynts magazine Hustler yet his dream (having the best pornographic magazine) was seen appropriate by himself as he once said the human body is a beautiful thing and is like nature why not be aloud to show it off . Obscenity is such a relative term. The

complexity of our society today, and the diversity of beliefs that exist, demands that we not judge based upon averages because it is impossible to create such a standard. What must be realized is that people will have varying beliefs dealing not only with obscenity but also with every issue present today. Only by allowing uninhibited personal freedom can it work to create an environment that does not exclude certain beliefs because the “majority” doesn’t condone them. The illegal actions of certain individuals (i.e. gang rape, murder etc.) seemingly inspired by magazines such as Hustler are simply anomalies concurrent with the general decay of society. Obscenity is very much in the eye of the beholder. There are many things people would rather not have to look at. Freedom

of Speech already has limits (e.g. Yelling “FIRE” in a theatre, or Slander, Verbal assault). Unlimited freedom of speech means that the Newspapers could print whatever (even though they seem to do this already almost) it wanted to, without worrying about the truth. As it stands, protected speech is limited to opinions, viewpoints, and the truth. A naked woman (or man) is not in itself obscene but camera angles which simulate a viewpoint of a woman which only a Gynaecologist has seen probably isn’t portraying (to me anyway) the beauty and natural flow of the human body and beloved not to be art. The limits on freedom of speech apply to public speech. Private speech is unlimited free speech. I have put together some viewpoint that I came across in my research and found that

they had a lot to say. My viewpoint is this. If you think it is obscene then that is because you don’t believe in it and your belief is only opinion. To the people that think this is obscene I have disturbing news. You people obviously never seen the darkest corners and alleys of life if you had you would find that they are so much more disturbing then the hustler magazine. To the people I have this to say. A nude picture does not make you do drugs and does not make you kill a man. Here is the bottom line what one does not know one is scared of and what one is scared of one try’s to destroy. Can you imagine if the whole world was scared thick about it. I believe in Larry Flynt and living in this great free country and after all we the people are the ones who make it free