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The Path To A Carreer Essay, Research Paper The Path to a Career A man named Thomas Carlyle once said, ABlessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness.@ I couldn=t agree more. In Kindergarten I thought I knew what I wanted to be for the rest of my life. How wrong I was. Over the years my career interests have changed dramatically, everything from a marine biologist to an interior decorator. Most of my friends have their careers chosen and are already taking courses to achieve that career, me… mine changes all the time. I use to think that you would find your career path once you had been in college for a while, long enough to try different things out. But now it seems that you need to have a chosen career prior to college. I sometimes feel life is

running over me and I can=t seem to catch up. The first day of Kindergarten I decided that I wanted to become a teacher, I wanted to help children, I wanted to make a difference. That career interest stuck with me for several years. The in third grade I had a teacher named Miss Masternak, she inspired me in a way no one had before. She had such a way with children; instead of making schoolwork seem boring and endless, she had a way of making it fun and exciting. Being in her class and learning from her only made me want to become a teacher even more. That lasted until I entered High School. My freshman year I decided that I still wanted to become a teacher, I just changed it to an elementary teacher. I observed the way high school students disrespected the teachers, and the way

their attitudes got in the way of them learning. I=m not saying that all high school students are like that, but I know that I would be better off as an elementary school teacher. With the thought of elementary ed. on my mind as I entered sophomore year, I took an art class because all my elementary teachers were great with crafts. Also I had developed a passion for art. My art instructor, Mr. Mehaffey, was the most amazing artist and teacher. He was so understanding and patient with all of his students. He knew everyone’s weakness and helped make them strengths. While in his class I discovered interior decorators as a career option because it involved two things I loved to do, help people and mix in some art. So there was my new career option for me. During that same year I

had a biology class, and found that I was rather good at it. The summer before I spent some time observing a marine biologist and wasn’t quite sure if I could handle biology, but thought that that would be an interesting field to go into. After I excelled in biology, I decided that marine biology was also a career interest form me. I now had teacher, interior decorator, and marine biologist on my career interest list, and no idea which one I should choose. It was the summer after sophomore year that I had an opportunity to work and study at Sparrow Hospital in the pediatric ward. That only complicated matters for me because I enjoyed working with the children and being able to help them heal was so gratifying. That summer I added one more interest to my list: Pediatric Nurse

Assistant. But in the grand scheme of things this wasn t something I was too serious about. Finally, during my senior year in high school I came across physical therapy in a magazine I read about careers. It seemed like a wonderful way to interact with people, to be able to help someone help himself or herself. That sparked my interest immediately, and I started reading up on the subject. After all the mind changing and decision-making I have come to the conclusion that elementary ed. or physical therapist are the careers I am most interested in.