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ground Dick left him in Canada. Once arriving home Dick tells Charity of his heroics and he wins her affection. They decide to get married. But Colonel Owens is very upset that his slave is now missing. Days pass and the unbelievable happens, Grandison returns home without being captured. One immediately became upset at Grandison. He had to be brainwashed to come home to be a slave and also come home to someone who wants to leave you. The story Grandison gives is ridiculous. Grandison tells his master that the abolitionists plotted against him and captured him. Once his master hears the story Grandison gives, he broadcasts it across the county. The question in one?s mind was why would a slave lie on the abolitionists? Was he really that loyal not only to Colonel Owens, but Dick

Owens also? One found out that was not the case. Three weeks after Grandison?s return he runs away from the plantation. But this time he is not alone. He takes his wife, the maid, his mother, his aunt, his father, his uncle, his brothers, and his little sister. Old Grandison suddenly is not so stupid anymore. He not only allowed the abolitionist to take him from his master, but also his whole family that he cared about. Though Colonel Owens searched for them, he would never order these troops again in his life. ?The Passing of Grandison? was a great story and shows us another side of Charles Chestnutt?s work. One believes that this story is a tribute to the work of the abolitionists and the Underground Railroad. Their work was very important and is well deserving of the tribute

given to them by Chestnutt. Chestnutt has a way of presenting us with stereotypes of the earlier generations and showing us how wrong and misinterpreted they were. One believe that Grandison fooled a whole lot of us in to thinking he was a crazy slave, but he turned out to be a man that saved his whole family from the hand of their master. This story is excellent and one would recommend to anyone who is interested in the effects the Underground Railroad had on slavery. N/A