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counterattack, saying that’s the price of being a celebrity but if they were to switch positions then they may come to a realization at how grotesque their job really is. Jane Kirtley of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press even went as far to say “that if we were to thwart this industry it could be a real threat to legitimate new gathering.” Those that pay for their disgusting work are tabloid printing presses like National Enquirer. Their magazines are without content, containing only lies that correspond to pictures taken. By inserting words under a hazy picture will have the public buying their product. Their tricks are able to keep the public interested and when all else fails, they may alter the picture to make up a story. Their heinous acts have reaped

themselves millions of dollars but not without the support of the world. The paparazzi are not primarily to blame for these scandalous acts but in reality the culprit is the public. The common interest in gossip about a person is of alluring to anyone and if that person happens to be the President the intrigue is multiplied by a hundred. Gossip has existed since who knows when and paparazzi photography is the visual form of it. People enjoy gossip because it is natural for them to do so especially if it is someone they know. To have a feeling of superiority is great and gossip allows it making it ever more popular. Gossip makes a person seem lower in status and has the tendency for ruining one’s reputation. Human suffrage is what tabloids thrive on. They talk shameful things of

people and other people will listen attentively. For it provides them with an odd feeling of satisfaction. The only reason tabloid companies are able to exist is because society has always been bewitched by such things. Humans are unaware of their support. Chiding the paparazzi sounds logical when it is heard, but when one sees their work it is hard to resist to pick up the magazine and flip through pages of outrageous pictures and texts. Mankind is at fault and to fix the problem would be to change the thinking of the world. A nearly impossible task but still plausible. Obviously not within the next decade or so but it may be added into the standard morals as a no-no as did slavery, child labor, and racism. If the paparazzi are shunned constantly then slowly it may become

‘fixed’ and imbedded in people’s minds that their work is not something to praise. Their work has abused their government given rights and harmed innocent people with their dirt, attractive lies. In many ways, the world is responsible but however the paparazzi has crossed the line of human decency and has gone against human morals. In closing, the paparazzi have gone beyond the call of the press and assaulted the privacy of humans.