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singing and participating in unethical acts. He starts to think that he can be just like his father and can do as he wished. He fulfilled his desires of making love with anyone as long as she is a woman. His standards fell to the extent that he even try to rape the family servant and a black slave. Sayyid Ahmad was the one who had indirectly given him a permit to act this way. If his father had been a good role model as he was at home, he would not have been responsible for Yasin’s unethical behavior. Instead Sayyid Ahmad would have tried to correct Yasin of his wrongdoing. Fahmy, on the other hand, was a perfect example of morality and ethics. He displayed total obedience to his father’s commands and orders. Fahmy was a boy who acted within the morals and values and does not

do something that would ruin his family’s honor. He was aware of his limits and was very careful not to cross it. He was aware of the consequences that he would have to face if he dared to break the codes. Fahmy fell in love with this girl next door named Maryam, but he would not approach her because he was not allowed to do this. He was aware that it would bring a bad name to his reputation and the family’s as well. The huge difference between Yasin and Fahmy was that Fahmy was much more obedient to the laws than his brother. Fahmy’s morals gave way to the fruit of independence and patriotism. He was a role model for everyone and possessed a true moral character. No matter where we live, there are certain codes and values we base our lives upon. We try our best to stay in

our limits and follow the codes throughout or lives. These codes and standards act as a scale, which differentiates between right and wrong. In the novel Palace Walk, codes and values play an integral part in a character’s life. We see the influence these values and codes have on their lives and how it helps shape their future.