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kind of plot and characters, because other setting would make the story ridiculous because a street gang can only fit into the streets. Author’s Style In this part of the book analysis, about the book “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton, her style of writing would be discussed.The word usage in the dialogues between the gang members is of street slang. In the descriptions there are less simple words and more descriptive and artistic words (look at Setting and Character Development for examples). There is suspense in the book-usually in the middle of chapters-that makes the reader to want to read what will happen next. An example for suspense is when the socs have tried to drown Ponyboy-there was uncertainty and I was anxious about what is going to happen next.The way the plot

develops is easy to follow and to understand-the writer does not make it too complex. To conclude I can say that the author’s style is easy to read and not complicated. Reading the book is enjoyable and there is no need to look up words in the dictionary. Critic’s Choice In this part of the book analysis I will write my opinions about the book “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. The book really focuses on what some kids in the US have to go through. One problem is how Ponyboy has to grow up without parents. Another problem is that the characters are in a gang and at war with another gang. A problem with the family that was shown in the story is that kids today may have parents that are alive, but they might not have enough time for them. Also, kids are worried about not

fitting in and might join gangs to act “cooler”. It also shows how if a member of a family has an injury it’s tough for the family and friends. This happens when Johnny gets hurt and he did not want to see his parents. Also, it was a problem for Ponyboy because he was worrying about him the whole time. I think “The Outsiders” is an average book. It really does show how these things can affect a family and friends. The book was rather good. It would have been better if it was written in the 90s, and not in the 50s. This is because then young people that live today time can correlate with it. I think people who enjoy action and some adventure, should read this book, because the action, the writing, and the adventure are powerful. There is always something going on. For

example, when Ponyboy was walking through the park, and three socs came out of the bushes and jumped him. This is one of the many times that problems between the two gangs end in destruction. One other reason to read the book is that the end of each chapter of the book does not leave you in suspense. You do not have to keep reading to solve a problem. There is always something big going on, such as when Johnny broke his back trying to rescue children from a burning church. A thing that reduced the realism of the story was the names of the people (i e Ponyboy, Two-Bit, Sodapop). I have never known people with these strange names-there are no parents who would give their children names like these. To conclude I can say that the book was not very good but it was not too bad either.

The writing is clear and easy to understand. Summary In this part of the analysis I will give a general summary of the whole analysis of the book, “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton, and discuss the difficulties I had preparing it. I found the book hard to relate to in some parts because of the different time it was written in-the 1950s. A good example for it was that Ponyboy thought the big difference between socs and greasers was that the greasers loved Elvis and the socs loved the Beatles. Since I was not born at Elvis’ and the Beatles’ time and I do not like either of them-I cannot relate to it. The were two other reasons for why it was hard to relate to the book: the first reason is that my life is not like the lives of the characters in the book. The things that Ponyboy

and his brother did, I would never dream of doing. For example, I would not beat up people or gang up on people. The second reason is that I think it would be hard to live a life without parents as Ponyboy does. To conclude I would like to say that the book has made me see the way people that are living on the streets-in the wrong side of the town-behave and feel within themselves. It is like going “behind the scenes” of a gang.