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comes to the altar, which is humorous because there will be no sermon right now. It is rainy, a weekday and nobody showed up at the church. But that is the illusion Kafka wants to create. The priest is not there to preach, he is there to talk to Joseph K. During the talk the priest has with Joseph K., Kafka uses the analogy with the doorman.But why did Kafka use this? Kafka used this analogy because he wanted to show us how unjust and corrupt the court and justice system actually is. Yes, the government states that the law is there so everybody can benefit from it; “justice is there for everybody” and that anybody can access it with no difficulty. But later Kafka writes that everything is accessible to man, except the law. “The law is closed to him”, which means there

will be no justice because the law cannot be accessed, and without the law there cannot be any justice. Through this scene Kafka also foreshadows that Joseph K. has been played the fool, and that the court is actually unjust and that he was convicted unjustly. Now, Joseph K. did not know this. He thought that everything was well, and that his appeal has already been processed and that he would be free in a few days. But that is why Kafka put in the priest, so that he can clarify to Joseph K. how and in what situation the life of Joseph K. actually stands.Both books make profound impact on the readers; some reject the novels and regard them as absolute trash because they do not want to accept that society actually is how the two authors, Albert Camus and Franz Kafka, portray them

to be. They both carry a lot of hidden messages and meanings and how the authors actually feel about the society they live in. They criticize society because the society is corrupt and unjust, and that is what the authors wanted us readers to find out ourselves because one person alone cannot make any changes. It has to be many persons, perhaps even a whole society. Many critics have criticized these books, trying to bring down their popularity because they themselves have been a part of the corrupt and unjust society and they do not want to admit that they belong to one of these societies. These books portray the truth of what kind of world we live in today and that we should think about ourselves and what our ethics in life actually are.