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approve of anything that she would do. Carla never thought that the day would come where she would be looked at like a normal young woman instead of a mentally challenged young woman. As hard as it was for Elizabeth to let go of Carla, she knew deep in her heart that it was the right thing to do. Carla was not her ?little? girl anymore. She was all grown up and married. She was going to live the life that she thought she was never going to have. Carla started out life going away from her family, not by choice, to a boarding school for mentally challenged teenagers. Once she had returned home, Carla was able to go to a public school and try to do what ?normal? teenagers were doing. Carla soon realized that she had passed her classes in ?normal public? school. She knew that

whatever she would put her mind to she would be able to do. For Carla, it was such a feeling of accomplishment to have succeeded in a short amount of time The Other Sister, is a film that no one should miss. It shows how even though Carla is mentally challenged she is still able to do anything that she strives for. Her mother is very overprotective and does not want her to move out of the house or get married. Elizabeth disapproves of pretty much everything that Carla does. Carla proves to her mother and the rest of her family that she is just like everyone else. She is able to do things for herself without the help of anyone else. Carla wants to be on her own and free from all of the rules that held to be true in her parent?s household. She proves that sometimes a plain life is

something so amazing if there is someone that you care about helping you through it.