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The Other Sister Essay, Research Paper The Other Sister, produced by Mario Iscovich and Alexandra Rose was a romantic comedy. The characters staring in this film were Carla Tate (Juliet Lewis), who was a slightly mentally challenged young woman. The overprotective mother Elizabeth, played by Diane Keaton. Carla?s father was played by Tom Skerritt. Last, but certainly not least, there was Daniel, who was Carla?s boyfriend (Giovanni Ribisis). Carla had spent years of her in a special education program at a private boarding school. This was a very hard decision for her parents to make. Her father was a drunk and did not know much of anything that was going on. Elizabeth, her mother, was the one who had made the decision to go ahead and send her daughter Carla off to boarding

school. That night that Carla had gone to boarding school was the last night that her father had a drink Elizabeth thought that this would be the best thing for Carla, because there would be other children at this school who were also mentally challenged. Carla had returned home after several years with a lot of goals that she had set for herself. The most important thing to Carla was her need for personal fulfillment begins to express itself in ways her mother is unable to accept. When Carla fall in love for the first time with a boy from school by the name of Daniel, she wants to prove to her mother that just because she may appear to be different on the outside she still has the ability to be a responsible adult, worthy of loving and being loved. Carla was going to take a

journey and discover herself. Carla and her boyfriend Daniel do this together and find some of the tough answers to life?s challenges which the two of them come across together, and to be able to prove that sometimes a plain life can be something so amazing if there is someone that you care about helping you through it. The Tate?s family life was nothing that was original. For one thing, the father was a drunk and the mother was very overprotective of her daughter Carla. There was her oldest sister who was engaged to be married and she lived a pretty normal life. Then, going down the line there was the second daughter who was a lesbian. This daughter had a girlfriend who she had been with for a couple of years now. Elizabeth never wanted to meet her daughter?s girlfriend. I

personally think that she was just uncomfortable with the situation. Whenever there was a family event her girlfriend was never invited and Elizabeth never wanted to talk about her. Then, there was Carla who was mentally challenged. Elizabeth never thought that Carla was capable of doing anything on her own. When Carla had gotten back from boarding school and went to a public school she had met this boy by the name of Daniel. He also happened to be a mentally challenged boy just like Carla was. They became good friends and started to hang out after school. Daniel brought Carla to where he worked at the school and she went to visit him at his other work at the bakery. Halloween was coming up and Daniel had asked Carla if she wanted to go to this dance with him at school. Carla

asked her mother if it would be okay if she would go to the dance with Daniel. The night had finally come and the doorbell rang. It was Daniel. Elizabeth kept on saying that this ?boy? was going to take advantage of Carla and why would someone want to go with her. Daniel was all dressed up for Halloween. He was a dog. Elizabeth asked him if he had a face, because he was wearing a costume that had a mask. He took off his mask and said hello to Carla?s mother. Once Elizabeth saw that Daniel was also mentally challenged she was okay with the fact that Carla liked this boy and he was taking her out. A couple days later it was Carla?s birthday and she was talking about how all of these kids at school had there own places. She thought that it would be a great idea if she got her own