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attention. Then, just as the audience are getting bored, a young love-sick male talks about his love to a woman who is later identified as Rosaline. This really grabs the audiences full concentration because of such a contrast from two families hating each other and fighting, to a young, peaceful male who thinks he is desperately in love. The first scene of the play helps the audience to identify a lot of the themes that will be of great importance later on in the play. Also the language in the two opening scenes is quite different, because in “Macbeth” the lines are short and cryptic which suggests excitement and danger, whereas in “Romeo and Juliet” the lines (towards the end of the scene) are long and these may indicate peace and meditation, there is also a greater

variety in the pace, tone and mood. Although the opening scenes of “Macbeth” and “Romeo and Juliet” are utterly contrasting, they are both interesting and enjoyable in their own unique ways.