The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas — страница 2

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certainly unreasonable. Is it truly a perfect world if one must suffer at the hands of everyone else? However, if this were to be so, if my tranquillity existed solely on this little child s sadness and dejectedness, I would sorrowfully have to turn the other cheek. Regret and guilt, I m sure, would comprise my thoughts. Nevertheless, my own satisfaction takes precedence in my life. Perhaps this is selfish on my part and perhaps there are many who would disagree with me, but I stand by my decision regardless. It is everyone s own choice whether or not to walk away from Omelas. It is my choice to stay. I choose to “live happily ever after” in my Utopia and nothing can influence that decision. Try not to hate me because I care about my own happiness; do not scorn me for my

brutal honesty. I m sure there are many others who would choose to walk away from Omelas and I m sure there are many others who would gladly stay. What s most important here is that everyone has a choice. 34c