The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

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The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Essay, Research Paper Would you sacrifice the happiness of another for your own happiness? Would you turn your cheek to a child in need if it would renounce your own rapture and change your life completely? Unfortunate to the way I was brought up and to my usual standards of thinking, I would have to answer these questions with a saddened “yes.” I must admit that my happiness, my success, and my prosperity are most important to me. These are the aspects of my life that I care most about. Not a day goes by where I don t think about the future, hope to be successful, and scare at the thought of life after college. My future encompasses the majority of my daily thoughts and actions and I would not sacrifice my chance at a decent posterity

for anything, not even a child in need of my avail, no matter how great the need. I care very much about my life as a whole and want it to flourish to great extent. I have always been a very career-oriented person and my future is what is most important to me. I am willing to do whatever it takes to strive. I am willing to work hard and struggle towards my goal, no matter how difficult the feat. I believe my biggest talent to be my voice, and therefore do everything possible to be active in that field of study. I want nothing more than to succeed in life, and I would like to do this with that which showcases and makes evident my ability and talent. I feel that this, for me, lies in singing, and my ability to perform. Therefore, I sing whenever possible and do my best to take part

in any and every choral group, as well as take advantage of solo opportunities. I have little doubt that I can make it in this world on my own competency and talent. Also, I believe that if you truly want something and work hard enough at it, anything is possible. I especially believe this in my own case. However, that level of disbelief still exists. Nothing is ever certain, including my own future. I am terrified of the future; I am afraid of the “real world.” There is nothing more frightening to me than that first step into reality, that first day after I graduate college. I have no idea what I will be doing. Who knows whether or not I will get that “big break” into the music business or if I will be working for minimum wage at a movie theatre for the rest of my life.

I detest not knowing exactly how I will be spending my eternity. I wish for certainty; I want answers. I d like to know now whether or not I will make it as a musician. I do want more than anything to do so, but I do not know what the future holds. Once again, posed with the question, “would you sacrifice someone else s happiness for your own happiness?” I would have to reluctantly answer “yes.” Unfortunately, yes, I would sacrifice someone else s happiness for my own. Caring as much as I do about my own future and rapture, I would sacrifice someone else s bliss in a moment. After reading Ursula K. Le Guin s short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” I have come to the conclusion that I would not be one to walk away. In my Utopia I am a notable musician,

respected by adults, admired by children, envied by fellow singers. I have wealth and prosperity, a big house and a beautiful family. I am not uncertain of anything anymore. I know that life will always be pleasant and that I will always be happy. My career will forever be rich and my home life everlastingly comfortable, and most importantly I know what the future holds. How could I give this up for anything? It is my dream, my heaven on earth. I could not possibly sacrifice that for anything or anyone. If it were to be true Utopia for me there would be no child locked in a basement. I don t see how there could be a “perfect world” with consequences and limits to this bliss. A perfect world for everyone but this child? It doesn t seem quite fair, or even thinkable. It is