The Omega Directive Essay Research Paper I

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The Omega Directive Essay, Research Paper I was on my way into the ?office? and I saw the secretary; ?Hey Cheryl.? ?Hey Martin. Here, isn?t it the big day today?? she asked ?Yep, she?s finally coming online.? I replied, with a bit of an excited tone in my voice ?Christ! What is it with men always having to call things ?she??? Her voice had something of a viscous snap to it. ?Hey, don?t blame me dear. I just work here don?t I?? She giggled. I like it when she giggles. It?s got a sweetness to it that, for some reason, most other women lacked. I smiled at her. ?So??..are you, going to let me in? Or shall I just stand all day looking at you, which I wouldn?t actually mind doing?? I heard a buzz and then a click at the door. ?I?ll take that as a ?yes? then, shall I? Or are you

just messing with my head?? ?Go on, in, now! Or do I have to smack your rear end to get you in there?? She said. ?Well, come on over here and try it baby!? I said to her with one great big cheesy grin on my face. ?Oh you dirty man, you!? She said, sarcastically. We always were saying stuff like that in our own little way. It was?different. I?d never been like this with anyone else. It was always just us two. Then there would be a great booming voice from inside the ?office?. ?BRYSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET YOUR SCRAWNY ASS IN HERE, NOW!!!!!!!!!!? ?Oh dear, General Solomon?s calling.? I said with some remorse. ?Don?t you mean ?great wind-bag of Alcatraz??? She said. I laughed. That?s the nickname I?d given him when I had started at the Pentagon. He was supposedly an ex guard over on

Alcatraz prison island?. supposedly. I crossed the threshold into a huge room. Dimly lit, only the centre table was illuminated. I could see the General?s face. ?I told you not to be late. I watched you out there flirting with Cheryl, it?s not on. I?ve told you before to leave my daughter alone!? Everyone turned and looked at me. I couldn?t help but say:- ?Who, me?? I got a warm laugh from everyone in the room. Except of course from Mr. Stern faced ? lover?s father ? who ? hates ? me. His emotionless face and piercing stare were enough to make anyone cower for fear of their lives. He always looked like he was going to attack you or something. I sat down in my normal seat, a fair distance away from the General, which is good. I pity the fool who had to sit beside him every day for

the past 6 months. Thankfully, today may be the only day I have to see his face under circumstances concerning national security again. Cheryl always said outside of the Pentagon he?s just a regular guy and he really likes me. Strange considering the crap I have to put up with from him day-in day-out. ?Anyway, onto business. Is the system ready to come online?? he said, looking straight at me. I sat down, opened my laptop and replied:- ?Yes sir. The Xerxes system has finished going through the final stages of preparation and is ready to be switched on.? ?Ok. Bring the system online? All the lights in the room switched off, because of me. I purposely switched them off to mess with their heads. I laughed:- ?Only joking.? I said, grinning ear to ear. I switched the lights back on

and booted up Xerxes. A large face appeared on the main display wall. A booming synthesised voice filled the room:- ?This, is Xerxes. I am ready to serve the United States summit and am operating at peak efficiency.? This was it. The most advanced computer defence program ever devised was online and ready to serve the great U.S. of A.. I don?t know about anyone else, but I thought the entire idea was something of a joke. The plan was to give Xerxes full control of the U.S.?s entire nuclear arsenal and Military forces. Call me sceptical, but the thing was brand spanking new! It wasn?t even clear of all the system bugs yet. Still, I only made the thing; I didn?t have any say in what happened to it after the U.S. had gotten control of it. There was a tremendous roar and clapping