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comparative method people relied on religious prophets, such as Jesus, Paul,Isaiah and Peter as a source of truth. All of whom believed that the flood actually occurred and supported this through the following scriptures Isaiah 54:9, Matthew 24:37-39 , Hebrews 11:7, 1 Peter 3:20,21. The concept of the flood covering the entire earth at times can seem impossible. Although, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica The average depth of all the seas as been estimated as 3790 metres (12430 ft.), a figure considerable larger than the average elevation of the land above sea level, which is 840 metres (2760 ft.). If the average depth is multiplied by its respective surface the volume of the world ocean is 11 times the volume of the land above sea level. In other words, if all the earth

was leveled, mountains flattened and sea basins filled in, there would be an excess of water over a 1000 meters. It seems some respects the earth is still flooded. In fact 70% is covered by water and 30% in dry land. If 75% of the fresh water that is tied up in glaciers and polar ice caps melted and combined with 70% of sea water cities like New York and Tokyo would be the next the underwater city, Atlantis. The question of the Flood is not physically impossible. The water is already on the earth. Maybe all the water now is a result from the Flood? As the earths plates moved and the sea basins deepened it allowed for the water to subside into them, creating 30 % of dry land we have now. While each of the legends come from a variety of sources, they all indicate that the flood

occurred. In a time when communication over continents was relatively impossible, it s striking that there are so many similarities between the stories. Through the predictions that scientist can make it is clear that there has been a significant geological upheaval. The earth s surface has been effected by the drastic climate and precipitation changes. Maybe through a combination of the myths, science and the bible the truth can be concluded. Maybe i x@?Criss, P.J. Creation/Flood Myth of the World. 16 October 1999. 15 March 2000 < grandpa/creation3. Html#Myths > Flood Myth. Home page. 15 March 2000. < http://www.Flood- > Halloran,John. Sumarian Language. Home page. 13 May 1999. 15 march 2000 The New Encyclopedia Britannica, 1987,

Vol.25, p.124. Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. The Bible God s Word or Mans? New York:International Bible Students Association, 1989.