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him. He skillfully avoids a bad fate with some help from Athena. By the end of this epic a once shy, timid, incompetent boy has matured into a thoughtful and brave man that lives up to the legacy of Odysseus. It becomes evidently clear that Telemachus has really matured when we hear new logic, sensibility, and authority in his words as he speaks to his mother shortly before the death of the suitors. Mother, as to the bow and who may handle it or not handle it, no man here has more authority than I do not one lord of our stony Ithaca no one stops me if I choose to give these weapons outright to my guest. Return to your hall. (pg 402) It is amazing that by the end Odysseus and his son fight side by side against the suitors. It is clear at this point that the old Telemachus is gone

and all remains is a new, brave, bold, and thoughtful Telemachus. Homer does a wonderful job in showing Telemachus mature during the course of his epic poem. It is delightful to see a young, foolish boy grow into the proud man he became. Athena helped him get started but it really takes a true hero to get places and keep the status he gains. He is last seen standing with his grandfather Laertes, and Odysseus after successfully reclaiming their homes and defeating the suitors.