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superior. When we met our enemies in battle, he did not lag among the crowd or in the scrimmage, but showed himself well in the front, the bravest of the brave: many a man killed in fair fight.? {page 134}. Achilles was strong and a great warrior once, but now, because he did not possess a sound mind, he lost the one real thing that meant anything; life. The ones that suffer most for the flaw of missing a sound mind and a sound body, are the suitors. The suitors are greedy, selfish, wretched and scheming men, who have tormented Penelope for three years. The suitors were slowly eating Penelope, Odysseus and Telemachos out of house and home. They took all the food and board they pleased, in a home that did not belong to them. Penelope hated them very much as did the gods.

?Bright-Eyed? Athena tells Telemachos to ?collect your wits and make a good plan to kill these hangers-on(suitors), either by craft or open fight?{page 17}. In the end this is exactly what Telemachos and Odysseus do. They struck down the ?Dogs!Who never thought that (Odysseus) would return from Troy.?{page 243}. The ?Poor fools! they did not know that the cords of death were made fast about them all,?{page 245} now were in their rightful place, in the land of the dead. They trespassed into another man?s home, all the time being absent of a sound mind and body, and now had to pay with their lives. Odysseus returns to the Underworld where he is confronted by Antinoos, the leader of the suitors, who says ?My friends, here is a monstrous thing this man (Odysseus) has done against our

nation!?{page 269} to invoke pity from Odysseus and others. Sorrow is felt for Antinoos, but all knew that ?(Antinoos?) own faults have brought this (punishment) about?{page 270} and his punishment is fitting. All in all, one cannot help but note that the idea of a sound mind and body is blended into The Odyssey. The Characters that possessed this trait, obtained their goal in the end. On the other-hand, the ones that lacked either a sound mind or body, failed. Odysseus and Telemachos were able to find each other and win back their home, while the suitors and even Achilles were robbed of their lives. It is a fact that a sound mind and body were an essential ideal in the ancient Greek society and The Odyssey. How would today?s society differ if these values held true?