The Odysseus Essay Research Paper Telemachi is

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The Odysseus Essay, Research Paper Telemachi is the son of Odysseus and Penelope in the epic novel, “The Odyssey”. Telemachi’s role in the novel reiterates the strength and courage of Odysseus. The beginning of the novel concentrates on Telemachi’s quest to find his father. He does not approve of how the suitors have taken advantage of his mother and himself; however, he is unsure and incapable of ridding his home of these men. He is on the peek of becoming a man but he remains very inexperienced in comparison to his father. Telemachi is self- conscious because he does not encompass the same skills his father is famous for. He is obviously incapable of warding off the suitors and desperately needs his father’s assistance in order to regain control of his home.

Telemachi reappears towards the end of the novel upon Odysseus’ return to Ithaca. The return of Odysseus is an important role in relation to Telemachi. This demonstrates how Telemachi has matured as a direct result of Odysseus. Telemachi changes from an incompetent, insecure young man to a courageous character more like his father. Of course Telemachi could not have done this without his father’s guidance. Odysseus gives Telemachi the self-confidence he needs in order to grow. Orlick is an unstable character in the novel, “Great Expectations”. I think his role is significant in the novel in a sense that it adds drama to the story. Orlick appears in the beginning of the story as Joe Gargery’s employee at the forge. Orlick strongly dislikes Joe’s wife, Mrs. Joe, and at

one point a heated argument occurs between them. Orlick also resents Pip, seeing him as a threat, because of his affectionate feelings towards Biddy. Later in the novel Mrs. Joe is brutally attacked. As a result, she becomes mentally and physically challenged and eventually dies. It is not discovered until much later in the novel, when Orlick attempts to kill Pip, that he was responsible for attacking Mrs. Joe. Proteus is a character is the novel, “The Odyssey”. He is an immortal Egyptian profit, a servant of Poseidon; who always speaks the truth. Proteus is referred to as the “Old Man of the Sea” who knows all the deep places of the sea. Odysseus had two important questions for Proteus: which immortal God was keeping him from his home and how would he make the journey

over the sea. Proteus not only answered these questions, but also gave Odysseus additional information concerning his comrades of war. Proteus sent Odysseus on his way with well wishes and a treasured gift. His role is an important element in helping Odysseus return to Ithaca. The Finches of the Grove is the setting for a highly fashionable club in London in the novel, “Great Expectations”. The Grove appears towards the middle of the novel and is important in portraying the ambiance of high society London. It is meeting place for ladies and gentlemen of leisure. Most members dine extravagantly at the Finches of the Grove for the sake of appearances more so than the quality of the cuisine. Later in the novel the Grove is the setting in which Pip introduces Estella to Drummle

for the first time. Estella, the love of Pip’s imagination, eventually marries Drummle much to Pip’s dismay. Teiresias appears in the novel of “The Odyssey” while Odysseus visits the Kingdom of the Dead. This is a place where Odysseus meets up with many important souls of the afterlife. Before Teiresias’ death, he had gone from man to woman after seeing two snakes copulating. Because of this, he was able to experience sex from a man’s point of view and also a woman’s. He shared his experience with both Zeus and his sister’s wife, Vera and decided that a woman enjoyed sex more. Vera was outraged by his outcome and cursed Teiresias to be blind. Zeus, being more powerful, although unable to retract the curse, gave him extraordinary visionary powers. When Odysseus