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The Oddessey Essay, Research Paper THE ODYSSEY The Odyssey tells of the adventures of Odysseus. After fighting ten years in the Trojan War, the story tells it took Odysseus ten more years to reach home, in Ithaca, and his wife, Penelope. The Odyssey begins describing the current circumstances. The Trojan War is over, and all of the survivors are home except one: Odysseus. He is at the Nymph Calypso’s island, detained for she wishes him to marry her. All of the gods felt sorry for him, except Poseidon. Poseidon is in Eithiopia, however, and the rest of the gods hold a meeting where Athena brings up poor Odysseus.The gods come to the conclusion to rescue Odysseus from Calypso, even though Poseidon holds a grudge and wishes to keep him there. The gods send a messenger, Hermes,

to tell Calypso to release Odysseus. Zeus instructs Hermes to tell Calypso that she is to let Odysseus go. Odysseus shall not have the help of gods or any men. He must build his own boat, and then after twenty days at sea, he shall reach the land of the Phaeacians. The Phaeacians will help him on his final journey to his homeland. Meanwhile, Athena goes to Odysseus’s home in Ithaca to visit Odysseus’s son, Telemachus. Many suitors were there, trying to win the hand in marriage of Penelope, Telemachus’s mother and Odysseus’s wife. These many suitors had eaten Telemachus out of house and home. Athena arrives in the form of Mentor, a Taphian chief. Very generously, Telemachus invites Athena in. After they introduce themselves and Telemachus explains how the suitors have been

living off of him, Athena puts Telemachus in his place. Athena explains to Telemachus that he needs to rid his house of the suitors, tell Penelope to return to her father’s house if she wishes to be wed, and to take his best ship and twenty of his best men on a journey. She tells him to go to Pylos and talk to Nestor, then to Sparta to see Menelaus. If Telemachus learns that his father is alive, then he should keep looking. If he learns that Odysseus is dead, then Telemachus is to send his mother, Penelope, home to her father and build Odysseus a mound with the proper funeral rites. The next day, Telemachus leaves with Athena, disguised as Mentor. They see Nestor, but he is unable to give them any help. Athena, still disguised as Mentor, leaves and Peisitratus, son of Nestor,

takes her place. The two men then go to see Menelaus. Menelaus tells them that Calypso is holding Odysseus captive. The suitors, at Telemachus’s house in Ithaca, learn that Telemachus has left and plan to ambush him on his way home. Hermes reaches Ogygia, the home of Calypso. She welcomes him in and lets him tell his story. Hermes explains to Calypso that she is to let Odysseus go. With some resistance she agrees. Odysseus will have no help. Hermes goes back home and Calypso sends Odysseus on his way with clothes, food, wine, and a warm breeze. Odysseus’s journey went well until Poseidon, coming home, sees him. Poseidon makes a storm. Odysseus’s ship is destroyed and Odysseus is not fairing the storm very well. Athena decides to intervene. She calms the winds, except the

one from the North, to send Odysseus along his way. For three days Odysseus is tossed at sea. He swims onto a rocky coast and is scraped by the rocks. He prays to the river he is by and the river changes its current to help Odysseus ashore. Odysseus crawled under some bushes to sleep. While Odysseus is sleeping, Athena sets off to see the Phaecians. She goes to Nausicaa, daughter of King Alcinous, in her dreams and tells her to go wash clothes at the river. Her father agrees to let her go. Nausicaa leaves with the clothes and some servants. The women arrive at the stream and wash the clothes. They bathe and wait for the clothes to dry. They play some games. Odysseus awakes and wonders who these women are. Odysseus seeks and receives the mercy of Nausicaa. She agrees to take him