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trouble. We didn’t stand any chance. If I’d known what I know now we’d have won out. You would have come here? Said Jurgis Yes, she answered; but that’s not what I meant. I meant you-how differently you would have behaved-about Ona When people are starving, the other continued, and they have anything with a price, the out to sell it, I say. I guess you realize it now when it’s too late. Ona could have taken care of us all, in the beginning. Marija spoke without emotion, as one who had come to regard things form the business point of view. These lines form Marija are spoken like a true Capitalist and the horrors of her transformation are complete. She, truly, is a business woman and part of the machine that transforms others who come like she was. Socialism, in this book

wins out over capitalism, because the evidence for it are overwhelming. The tragedy of this society can’t help but force one’s views into the realm of Socialism, because if one does not conform his/her thinking than that individual will lose his/her humanity.