The Nurse In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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The Nurse In Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research Paper The Nurse is a very important character in the play of Romeo and Juliet. As her title suggests, she is a Nurse for the Capulet family. She is also a surrogate mother to Juliet. ??????????? She acts as a go between for Romeo and Juliet and facilitates the tragedy, which means she informs people of the news and keeps the story going. ??????????? She provides entertainment by making jokes and bawdy comments. She also relieves the tragedy with her humour. ??????????? The Nurse?s job is to care for Juliet and to act like a surrogate mother for Juliet. She is a wet nurse, which means she breast fed Juliet when she was young. She is a servant for the Capulet family, who are a very rich and powerful family in the city of fair

Verona. She has been working there for ten years and has a relationship of both a mother and a sister to Juliet, as she is a confidante to Juliet, which means Juliet confides in her and tells her personal secrets. I feel Juliet?s relationship towards the Nurse, as a mother is stronger than her relationship with her mother. This is because when Lady Capulet calls Juliet (Act 1 S3), Juliet does not recognise her voice quickly while when the Nurse calls her, she immediately responds by replying to the Nurse. This may be because the Nurse spends more time with Juliet than Lady Capulet, and she has built a greater bond with the Nurse. Occasionally, the Nurse acts as a go between for Romeo and Juliet as it is difficult for the two lovers to meet due to their families being at war with

each other. She also conveys information. E.g. She informed Juliet of the death of Tybalt, her cousin. ??????????? From the very first time the Nurse appears, she is bawdy and very loud. Her bawdyness is shown in ?Now my maidenhead at twelve years old.? ??????????? This illustrates her calling Juliet by calling her a virgin, which is quite rude, especially when said in a house high status and sophisticated people. ??????????? The Nurse frequently tells stories and is reminiscent about her past. E.g. She often talks about her daughter Susan, who became deceased when she was only months old. ??????????? ?Susan and she- God rest all Christian souls- were of an age.? ??????????? The Nurse likes to play games and tease Juliet. This is shown when the Nurse brings the news of what Romeo

has said to Juliet, and as Juliet anxiously asks the Nurse about the information, the Nurse teases her and keeps her in suspense by changing the subject and says that her back is paining.??? ??????????? ?She often repeats herself hence loses the point. She normally does this when she receives bad news and is shocked. ??????????? She is a source of mockery for Benvolio and his friends when she goes to talk to Romeo in the town centre. ??????????? She often does not think before speaking and is frequently tactless. She frequently talks about sex to Juliet and says that marriage is not about love, but it is about sex. ??????????? ?Yea?, quoth he, ? fallst upon thy face? Thou wilt fall backward when thou comest to age wilt thou not, Jule? It stinted and said, ?Ay?.? ??????????? She

talks about sex in the presence of Lady Capulet, which is not very appropriate as she is a high status women and she is married, so when the Nurse talks about marriage being just about sex, Lady Capulet may feel uncomfortable. These types of characteristics irritate characters such as Lady Capulet but keep the audience humoured and entertained. ??????????? ??????????? The Nurse is totally devoted to Juliet and is also loyal towards her. Although she is tactless at times, her intentions are always good. Even when talking about uncomfortable issues such as sex to Juliet, she is only trying to warn Juliet about life from her experience. E.g. when she was married, her marriage may have mainly been based on sex, which maybe the reason the Nurse tries to warn Juliet, but she doesn?t