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present for the Nuremberg trials he was tried in absentia. He was convicted and was sentenced to death by hanging. Some people believe his remains were found in West Berlin in 1972. Hermann Wilhem Goering (1893-1946) was a German Nazi leader, chief of secret police, field marshal, and marshal of the Third Reich. He was second to Hitler himself. Hermann was the one man in Hitler’s inner circle with a distinguished social and military background. He was the second most powerful man and was thought to be very pleasant, but in reality was addicted to morphine. He was captured by the allies and was tried for war crimes. He was convicted but committed suicide on October 19, 1946. Josef Mengele “Angel of Death” (1911-79?) was the Nazi doctor at Auschwitz. Josef had a medical

degree from the distinguished University of Frankfurt. He thought up the idea of the deadly gas chambers. Mengele was also known for his many medical experiments, especially on twins. He escaped to Bavaria than to South America, settled in Brazil and moved to Paraguay to because there was no extradition treaty with any other country. Supposedly Mengele’s body was found in 1979 and after much controversy and later DNA testing this proved to be true in 1991. There were also many German officials who fled the demolished Nazi empire and moved to South America. Many were never heard from until their deaths, but Israel’s intensive efforts in tracking down the war criminals paid off. It was poetic justice that the people who tried to exterminated the Jews were caught and punished by

the same Jews.